Article: Top 10 K-Pop Idols Endorsing Makeup Brands

K-pop fans are known for their love of music, but did you know they also have a change in the world of skincare and cosmetics? Many famous Korean beauty brands team and other international beauty brands up with K-pop idols to promote their products, which creates a loyal following among fans. Whether you're a fan of girl groups, boy groups, or just a K-Pop fan, chances are you've seen your favorite idols promoting a beauty brand or two. So, the next time you see an ad for a Korean beauty product, don't be surprised if your favorite K-Pop idol is the face of it! These K-pop celebrities endorsed the beauty products to engage with more consumers around the globe. Have you tried any beauty products on the list? Let us see if you see the faces of your favorite idols endorsing the products.

1. Kazuha Nakamura

Are you a fan of Le Sserafim? Then you must know Kazuha and her recent collaboration with Etude House. Kazuha is the brightest model among the contestants. Fans were happy that she represented the biggest and most popular Korean cosmetics brand. However, this led to an online discussion about her suitability for the role. Some argued she was not the best fit, while others supported her. They also believed that her success would benefit her career. Don't you agree that her beauty is classic and graceful?

2. Jang Wonyoung

Who isn't amazed by the beauty of Won Young? Her makeup and style are extraordinary and followed by so many women. IVEs Wonyoung declared the newest brand ambassador for the K-beauty brand-  AMUSE. She showcased the latest shade of its Jel-Fit Tint and the limited edition Dew Wear Foundation. The beauty brand had been teasing the news for the past few days by sharing preview reels on its Instagram account with the silhouette of the K-pop sensation. The event is a lucky opportunity for DIVE Stars exclusive photocards with AMUSE. Have you tried any of the products of Amuse?

3. Momo Hirai

Do you know that Momo, one of the members of the Japanese girl group Twice, is also known as the dancing machine? Their recent song, Do Not Touch by Misamo, is becoming increasingly popular due to their amazing vocals and visuals. Momo is an exceptional talent considered beyond perfection. In 2022, Momo is the brand Amuse of Wonjungyo, a cosmetic brand supervised by Wonjungyo, who is also in charge of Twice's makeup.

4. Lisa

Do you know she is also the Queen of the South Korean Music Industry? Lisa is an incredibly talented individual who is known for being beyond perfect. Joining MAC Cosmetics as a global brand ambassador is a huge achievement, and not just anyone can receive this honor. It is fitting that Lisa from the K-Pop girl band BLACKPINK declared a new ambassador. Lalisa is the most followed K-Pop star on Instagram. She is also known for her beautiful stage presence and influence in the fashion and beauty industries.

5. Kim Jennie

Kim Jennie is the role model of most of the girls in the world. Our It Girl has given tough competition to the other beauty brands. Do you like the fashion and beauty of Jennie? Hera's new campaign features BLACKPINKs Jennie as their global ambassador, showcasing their sensual nude balm and gloss with stunning photos of her alluring beauty. Her beauty adds classiness to everything she wears.

6. Kim Jisoo

When it comes to Dior Beauty, the first person that comes to mind is always Kim Jisoo. Didn't you think about her too? She is the Dior princess and is also known as Miss Dior. Her irresistible charm and beauty add classiness and grace to everything she owns. Dior also launched strawberry shade as a tribute to her birthday. A brand known for its elegance and femininity, Dior has been dressing Jisoo in many of its classic designs, pointing out her beautiful and feminine features.

7. An Yu Jin

CLIO is one of the popular makeup products of South Korea. It is known for its perfect finish and beautiful color shades. Guess who features in the commercial of CLIO? It is An Yu Jin from the famous girl group IVE. Have you heard their songs recently- Baddie and Either Way? CLIO has recently released a new product in their Kill Cover cushion line, which is getting quite popular. This new addition features a mesh cushion that helps give your skin a healthy glow. In a recent video, Yujin demonstrated the effectiveness of the product, and it looks promising.

8. Sana Miyawaki

There is no doubt that she is the attractive idol in the group. Have you ever bought something because your favorite idol promotes it? We are sure that Sana already did that. Her collaboration with Apieu Cosmetics has increased the sales rate of the product along with Dahyun. Sana has a huge fan following around the globe. She is famous for her talent and graceful aura, which makes her unique from the other idols.

9. Park Jih Yo

Have you listened to her recent solo album? Jihyo is the leader and the most talented member of the girl group Twice. Her personality and aura feel different and unique from others. Milk Touch Cosmetics offers skincare, beauty accessories, and base, lip, eye, and cheek makeup products made in Korea. Jihyo endorses Milk Touch cosmetics, which you'll want to share with loved ones. Her collaboration with the brand has gained many positive reviews from the citizens.

10. Sakura Miyawaki

Sakura is a talented idol and a gamer. Do you know she has a gaming channel on YouTube? And most people follow her gaming channel. She has been a part of Le Sserafim and recently collaborated with 3CE. 3CE is one of the top makeup brands in Korea. The collection is named Sakura X TOILETPAPER.