Article: Top 10 Cosmetic Brands Used By Korean Celebrities

These celebrities use specialized skin care for an upgraded self-care routine. It’s a new level of high maintenance that can give you a new habit every day. People on the internet search for the skincare products and celebrity secrets to wonders of skin. Famous people bring their skin's glow to a higher notch by using products with natural goodness and vitamins. This rejuvenates their skin and gives them an even healthier look. The expert cosmetic products they use make their life and face look even more glamorous. The sheet masks are typical and these celebrities use expert products that resolve everything.

1. V

He is the King of K pop and is also good at using Zeroid recommended by dermatologists. So now you probably don’t need a personal consultation or appointment for the same. It is the best Dermocosmetic in Korea. It also helps his acne and strengthens skin with a clearer complexion.

2. Jimin

Our Aladdin uses natural and chemical-free products like toner and eye cream. He has flawless Korean skin because of his workout, washing routine, and fluid intake. He has nothing to hold back as he loves makeup and VT cosmetics. He uses the CICA Cream, CICA Essence, and CICA Spot Patch. He owns nice-sounding products like the Biore Rose Quarts Charcoal cleanser and Bioderma Sensibio H2O.

3. Jennie

She uses the supple and fun Alo gentle Milky Bubble Bath to exfoliate with bath bombs. She  has healthy skin with double cleansing to cleanse off all the oil and makeup after a tough day. This is the water-based Elizavecca Olive Cleansing Oil with the goodness of jojoba seed oil, avocado oil, tea tree oil, and olive oil.

4. Jungkook

Male Skincare products are catching up in the scene with their fragrances and sunscreen protection. He has the softest and soapiest smells but also rocks the Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm. He has acne-prone skin and uses toner and moisturizer for less oily skin.  He uses Apple Cider Vinegar for his Golden Maknae skin and hue.

5. Hyuna

She is the shining face of Yves Saint Laurent Beauty in Korea who rocks glitter concepts on her face. Her red lips play around with other red hues in the background. She has sported the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner with bombarding body gems and rhinestones. She stands out with her bold, eye-catching, and hottest style.

6. Chungha

She presents life-saving and pro tips for youthful and radiant skin. Her stage stardom is shining through her perfect skin that looks aesthetically rejuvenating for the Clinique commercials.  She uses the Fatigue Active Cartridge Concentrate for relaxed skin even when she is tired. Vitamin C makes her skin bounce with the Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C.

7. IU

She is a singer and actress who uses the CNP Propolis Energy Ampule to get perfect skin to the core. It is a pro fighter for skin protection and natural Korean Skincare product. She has sensitive skin, and this product makes her skin firm, healthy and shiny. She has hydrated and refreshed skin with this product that fits her skin type.

8. Song Hye Kyo

She is a fan of the BB cushion cream of Laneige and the lip layering bar. She creates effectively simple looks with a similar lip and cheek tint. She is the ambassador for Sulwhasoo  and it helps her achieve the results of a truly dedicated and quality skincare. She is natural, sophisticated, and rocks face contour.

9. Son Ye Jin

Skin Masks give a unique boost to your skin and an upgraded texture. She uses the Skin Inc Get Glowing Platinum Mask with floral extracts to make the skin glow. She uses the Soothe n Purify Black Gold mask to detox and cool down with charcoal and gold. She is obsessed with SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic for her clear skin.

10. J – Hope

He uses the Mediheal Teatree Care Solution Essential mask for oil control. His routine was revealed with Suga in a Vlive with the Airguard Foilab Mask for moisturizing skin. Mediheal is also Rap Monster’s favorite beauty brand. They were in Japan when they commented on the dryness of their skin on the live broadcasting app.