Article: Top Ten Love Inspiring Thai Songs

There's something about love songs that is pretty powerful when we are coming of age or developing our identity, which is why they appeal so much to youngsters. They provide us with sensations and emotions to strive for, and they are there for us while we are going through tough circumstances. Here is a selection of Thai love songs that can inspire you.

1. Lao Soo Gan Fung (Tell me) – Bird Thongchai

You were cut off from your friends, family, and loved ones due to self-isolation. If you haven't had the chance to see loved ones who live far away, sing this song by one of Thailand's most popular singers to express how much you miss them.


2. Saht-Tah (Belief) – Hin Lek Fai

It's hardly surprising that the year 2020 has left us depressed. But now is not the time to give up, especially if you believe things will get better.


3. Kor Hai Muen Derm (Be The Same) – BUDOKAN

Budokan understands the importance of distance and time in relationships. This timeless classic encourages fans to persevere in the face of those two challenges, even if it is more difficult to love with them in the way. Incorporate these lines to show your significant other how much they mean to you during these trying times.


4. Chai Loey ([You’re] Just Right) – Tai Thanawut

While falling in love during quarantine may have been the worst conceivable scenario, it does limit out the possibility. From texting to virtual dates, the year 2020 has demonstrated the importance of technology in remaining in touch with our loved ones. And if you are in the midst of a blooming romance during COVID-19, send some love through Tai Thanawut's bop, which declares that everything is just fabulous right now.


5. Rak Pen Chen Dai (What Is Love Like?) – Sib Lor

No one seems to have a satisfactory solution to the age-old question, "What is love?" Sib Lor, who cannot seem to find the answers, declares in this vibrant anthem that love isn't something, a song to tell that special someone that you are crazy in love — despite self-isolation, curfews, and quarantines – while your heart is pounding and your blood is rushing in the name of love. Feel free to shout out these lyrics if you are a singleton who is unsure what the feeling is all about.


6. Wai Jai Dai Ka (Can You Trust Her?) – Lanna Commins

Finish off your karaoke session with this Thai classic sung in a Northern dialect — you'll learn a few new phrases in the process.


7. Ta Lueng (Shocked) – A-Nan Anwar

For more than a decade, Ta Lueng has been a popular song in Thailand. The song not only has a catchy tune, but it also has dance moves. Furthermore, because this song is so well-known, people of all ages must have heard it at least once in their lives.


8. Ga-Roo-Nah Fung Hai Job (Please Listen Till The End) – Chaem Chaemram

Feelings are frequently tricky to express in a few words, which is why Chaem Chaemram wrote a song to remind everyone that it is okay to take a while to tell someone how we are feeling, and it is better just to listen.


9. Jao Chor Malee (My Flower) – MR.TEAM

This song should be familiar to everyone who frequently visits Thai pubs. Thais love Jao Chor Malee, for its catchy music.


10. Yahk Rong Dang Dang (Want To Shout Out Loud) – Palmy

It is a fantastic tune to shout out loud — make sure your neighbours aren't disturbed.