Born on 29th August 2000, Hamabe Minami is a popular Japanese actress. She has starred in many blockbuster television series and movies, since her teenage. She began her career by wining 7th Toho Cinderella Audition. After that, she has starred in numerous films and series. She gained attention after starring in the live-action movie Let […]

Japanese dramas have always surprised us with their unique direction and plot. Japanese dramas display a captivating blend of comedy and thriller genres. The unique blend of two genre makes the viewing experience exiting with heart-pounding thrilling plots with bits of humor elements. This is also a challenge for the filmmaker, writers, and actors to […]

Japanese dramas are always a treat to the eyes. Japanese dramas are made in many different genres, but the authenticity of Japanese culture is constant. If we talk about Japanese science fiction and thriller dramas, they are always entertaining. From interesting science notions to thrilling plots manages to keep the audience at the edge of […]

Femboys are people who exhibit behavior or traits that are traditionally associated with femininity but are assigned as male at birth. They exhibit feminine traits either through attire, mannerisms, or physical attributes. Femboys, the term is often used positively to describe those characters who seem to challenge the traditional gender norms. These characters shatter and […]

Yandere is a dere type that combines yandere, which means sick and dere, which means lovey-dovey. The motto of yandere characters is, If I can’t have them, no one can. Yandere is someone so lovesick that they are willing to do anything just to end up with the one they love. These characters are so […]

The explosive rise in popularity of anime in recent years has led us to meet the best anime characters like Dragon Ball’s Goku, who became a household name even outside of Japan. Lovable and interesting characters help to make a series both profitable and memorable. Even though not every character reaches that bar, the best […]

Japanese movies have its unique charm that always entertain the audience. Japanese seamlessly blends two different genres and makes an attractive product. One such blend is the action crime genre. These movies also have the glimpse of the Japanese culture which is a pleasure to watch. From thrilling action sequences to its infamous yakuza groups, […]

Anime is usually seen focusing on teens or people who are in their 20s. Many fans as they grow up look for shows that have adult characters with whom they can relate to. This problem thankfully has had a shift over the years and now there are a lot of great characters who are seen […]

If you enjoy watching Japanese cinema, then this list is for you. These movies will surely show you the beauty of Japanese filmmaking and cinema. 1. Come On Irene We follow Iwao, a middle-aged man who lives with his parents. Iwao desires to get married and decides to go for a tour of the Philippines. […]

Japanese movies are indeed a treat to watch. It’s entertaining and has a captivating storyline. If you have binged enough of Korean and Hollywood movies, try Japanese movies for a change. No matter what genres you like, Japanese movies have something to offer for all genres_especially romantic fantasy. Japanese have mastered the romantic fantasy genre. […]