Article: My Hero Academia Characters With The Most Surprising Quirks

In My Hero Academia there are so many varied Quirks, some involving animals, while there are others simply the combination of their parents' Quirks. However, there are some Quirks that are so surprising that they shock the fans when revealed. These Quirks either work in a strange way, are in contrast to their holder’s personality or simply have some unexpected powers that no one would have ever guessed. The most surprising Quirks are as unique as they are powerful. There might be numerous reasons why these Quirks are so strange, but these end up taking the cake as some of the most surprising ones in the series.

1. Hisashi Midoriya

Hisashi, although he’s never been featured, supposedly has an astonishing powerful Quirk. Considering Izuku, his son Quirklessness and Inko, his wife simply levitating Quirk, many would have thought he had a docile Quirk. Izuku reveals that his dad actually has the Fire Breathing Quirk. His family is seen as meek, yet he has this incredible ability. He has an office job that makes him travel a lot for work.

2. Hitoshi Shinso

Hitoshi has the Quirk of brand washing that was exceptionally powerful, which if ended in the wrong hand could end the world. This Quirk gives him control of anyone who responds to him when it is activated. Such a Quirk could be exploited to perpetrate some truly despicable things. It is such a surprising Quirk because of how game-changing it could be as long as no one outside knows about his Quirk for certain. This Quirk sets him well and apart from everyone.

3. Saiko Intelli

Saiko’s IQ Quirk is surprising because of how esoteric it is, activated when she drinks tea and closes her eyes. When this happens, she receives a boost of intelligence. The strength depends on the type of tea she has consumed. Her Quirk seems impossible to diagnose, so it is shocking that anyone discovered what her Quirk was. Her Quirk is one of a few that need outside influence to work. Her Quirk seems like a departure from the typical ones, making it more surprising.

4. Eri

People in the Hero society with each new generation seem to worry that the new babies will be born with increasingly powerful Quirks. This came true with a young girl, Eri. Her Quirk is called Rewind, which can rewind anyone she touches to their former states of being. In the case of her father, she accidentally rewinds him to the point of nonexistence. It is staggering because it is in sharp contrast to her adorable, sweet personality. She is still working on controlling it, which is shocking in the sense that a kindergartner is holding the power to undo humanity if her emotions get out of hand.

5. Mirio Togata

Mirio’s Quirk is surprising because of how he is introduced, where he decided to show it in the most unsettling and funny way. As he is taking out the dormitory trash, a smiling face can be seen from the wall. This face greets him that jumpscare, the poor boy. As so happens, his Quirk is Permeation. This allows him to phase through solid objects. It takes a lot of practice and discipline , which he perfected, and now can separate body parts to be permeable. He is excellent with his Quirk but is also a prankster.

6. Shoto Todoroki

When we look at his family, his power isn’t surprising at all. However, what is so fascinating is how his Quirk manifests. Usually most people inherit Quirks from one of their parents or combine them into a new Quirk. Todoroki, however, managed to inherit his father’s and mother’s Quirks separately. Like his mother he has ice power on the right side of his body, and on his left he has fire power like his father. However, if he uses too much of one side, he can either overheat or freeze, depending on which power he is favoring.

7. Cami Utsushimi

Cami’s Glamour Quirk is surprisingly quite powerful. With a single breath, she can produce a mist that can fill a room to create whatever illusion she wants. Her Glamour has no definitive time limit, but it does dissipate after a while. When it is active, she can portray any sights and sounds she desires. She can even conjure images of people she knows of and can control what they say. Even though she is a minor character in the anime, this is a stunning and compelling Quirk.

8. Edgeshot

Edgeshot has a Quirk Foldabody, which allows his entire body to be fragile and long. With this he can fit into impossible small openings, and can transform into something akin to a sharp object that he uses to pierce through enemies. If he stretches too far, he risks endangering his life. He perfected his craft over the years, however it is still astounding that his Quirk is feasible considering how all his body parts are stretched and squashed together.

9. Izuku Midoriya

Izuku was once Quirkless, however, now he holds a powerful Quirk, One for All that builds power from each successive holder. Much to his shock, this not only gives him superhuman strength, it also starts to give him the Quirks of its past holder. The first Quirks is Black Whip, which manifests as whip-life projections. However this Quirk comes on so suddenly, that the power takes him by surprise and begins to go haywire. It is only due to Ochacho’s bravery and quick thinking that he regains control.

10. Himiko Toga

Himiko on the surface is an adorable teenage girl, however her Quirks properties have ostracized her from the society, that feeds a bloodlust that only can be satisfied becoming a villain. Her transformation works only after she consumes the blood of the person she transforms into. Her Quirk is so puzzling at first because it stands in such a sharp contrast to her innocent appearance. This works in her favor overall, as it makes her victims underestimate her.