Mark Prin Suparat, internationally known as Mark Prin, is a famous Thai actor and model born on March 19, 1990. Suparat was born to Chinese Thai parents in Chaing Mai and grew up in Lampang. He began his acting career in the entertainment industry after he was spotted by a manager working for Channel 3. […]

Yang Zi, also known as Andy Yang, was born on 6th Nov 1992. She is a famous Chinese singer and actress. In 2014, she graduated from the Performance Institute of BFA. By the Southern Metropolis Daily in 2016, she was chosen as one of the Four Dan Actresses. She is known for her roles in […]

While science fiction dramas can be downright mind-boggling, there are some aspects of the genre that allow you to just enjoy the content without putting too much thought into it. One such aspect is Time Travel, which, if done right, can entertain the viewer without confusing them. Even though some intricately crafted time travel dramas […]

C-dramas have some of the best heartwarming friendship bonds that bring tears. The audience wishes to have the C-drama friendship in real life. Listed below are C-drama friend groups we desire to be part of. 1. Falling Into Your Smile  How lucky are people who in their work profession also get to make a long […]

In this list, we are discussing some of the most emotional K-dramas that we have ever seen. These dramas are sure to make your heart melt and make you feel a whole range of emotions. 1. Hi Bye Mama In this series, we follow Cha Yu-Ri, a woman’s spirit. She had died five years ago […]

If you want to take a break from Korean drama and still want to watch something exciting and funny, Korean movies are your destination. Like Korean dramas, Korean movies are also fun and entertaining to watch. Over the decades, the South Korean entertainment industry has made excellent and critically acclaimed movies in all genres. With […]

Thai series have gained immense worldwide popularity, not only for their fascinating narrative but also because of their ability to enchant international audiences. Thanks to mediums like YouTube, these dramas have become readily available to audiences, even for viewers who cannot understand Thai, as they provide English subtitles. In this list, we will explore the […]

Chinese dramas have the unique ability to keep the audiences engaged through their elaborate stories, fascinating them throughout 30 attacks. In this list, we will explore the top 10 Chinese series of 30 episodes with various narratives to unfold. These series provide a deep dive into the complex plotlines, character development, and the chance to […]

Reincarnation is a religious belief that after the natural death of a person, their soul is born into a new being. It is a belief that a soul goes in a circle, from existing in a person to eventual death to rebirth in a new person. It believes a soul can live multiple lives without […]

K-pop fans are known for their love of music, but did you know they also have a change in the world of skincare and cosmetics? Many famous Korean beauty brands team and other international beauty brands up with K-pop idols to promote their products, which creates a loyal following among fans. Whether you’re a fan […]