Article: Top 10 C-Drama Friend Groups We Wish We Were Part Of

C-dramas have some of the best heartwarming friendship bonds that bring tears. The audience wishes to have the C-drama friendship in real life. Listed below are C-drama friend groups we desire to be part of.

1. Falling Into Your Smile 

How lucky are people who in their work profession also get to make a long and forever friendship? It is an esports drama about a group of boys, ZGDX, participating in a gaming competition. Then, a girl named Tong Yao joins them. Lu Si Cheng, Tong Yao, Lu Yue, Xiao Pang, Lao Mao, K, Yu Ming, and Xiao Rui create an unbreakable bond with each other.

2. Meteor Garden’s F4

The mandatory mention of F4 is real. What I have noticed about their friendship is that they never show people how close they are to each other. Dao Ming Si, Huaze Lei, Ximen Yan, and Feng Meizuo’s friendship is private, and without anything the look on their face, they all understand each other. I wish to have a friendship group like theirs.

3. Go Ahead’s Family 

Friendship is a non-biological relationship we create through love and loyalty. Ling Xiao and He Zi Qui are the boys who grew up with Li Jian Jian, her father, and his best friend. The bond they all share cannot be defined, it’s just pure, and they proved blood doesn't define relationships but love. Urge you all to watch the Go Ahead C-drama.

4. When We Were Young’s Squad

When We Were Young’s Squad is a high school friendship group that undoubtedly is one the best written. Yang Xi, Li Yu, Huang Deng Deng, and Si Tu Er Tiao are classmates and best friends who share a chaotic and hilarious friendship. Until a hot-headed boy, Hua Biao joins their class and has to make a place among the friends.

5. Ode To Joy’s Girls 

The girl's squad in Ode To Joy C-drama is something we wish to have. Qu Xiaoxiao, An Di, Fan Shen Mei, Qiu Ying Ying, and Guan Ju Er began to live in the same apartment complex on the 22nd floor in Shanghai. After knowing that all are dealing with the same in their life, all start to form a bond of friendship and have each other’s back.

6. Love O2O’s Squad 

I will start by declaring that the female and male leads of the C-drama always have the best squad of friends as they are hilarious and crazy. Be Wei Wei and Xiao Nai studied at a college and are majoring in computer science. Both of their dormitory mates never fail to make the audience laugh. Having such a good squad at college is a gem for motivation.

7. Flourish In Time’s Squad 

Flourish in Time is a 2021 C-drama that makes the youth miss their school years and friendships. It is about two childhood friends, Jiang Hao Yue and Lu Miao, who grew up being each other’s support. When both enter high school and make new friends, a realization of how much they affect each other’s lives makes them completely change their feelings.

8. Go Go Squid! 

Go Go Squid also joins the list. It is mandatory that a cold-hearted male lead always has the best friendship squad that helps him in love matters, and their sense of humor tops it all up. Han Shangyan is a former esports champion who now teaches young boys gaming. But then, a girl named Tong Nian enters.

9. The Bond

The Bond is one of the heartwarming C-dramas to watch. After Yi Cheng, Er Qiang, San Li, Si Mei, and Qi Qi’s mother died when they were young, their father abandoned them, so the eldest son, Yi Cheng, played the role of looking after his siblings. Thirty years later, everyone has their own life, but their bond is unbreakable.

10. The White Castle’s Doctor Squad

Wang Yang Ming takes his risky career and switches from scientific research to clinical practice. He joined the emergency department in one of the top hospitals. At first, he struggles a lot but improves gradually and becomes part of a group called four masters of emergency doctors with Lu Qing Qi, Zu Wen Da, and Liu Fei.