We often watch a movie or drama solely because it has our favourite pairing of actors or went viral because of a specific pairing. But sometimes a drama goes viral because the fans love its side couple more than the main couple. The reasons for this are pretty simple: because the main couple wasn’t interesting […]

Thai actors possess talent, charisma, and even beautiful body that proves that they are from the Land of Smiles. Thai actors, apart from their looks, also care for their physique. Here we have gathered a list of the top ten Thai Celebrities with hot bodies and Abs: 1. Pirapat Watthanasetsiri Born in 1994, Earth Pirapat […]

Thai BL Dramas are fun to watch when they comprise an out-of-the-box plot. Time Travelling and Parallel Universe would act as a fun elements to add a wow factor to the drama making it more engaging and desirable. It makes the movie more exciting and watchable. The top 10 BL Dramas featuring Parallel Universes and […]

The Thai movie industry has produced quality content that has attracted global clients. Many Thai movies have successfully gained international attention. All of these has become possible due to various OTT platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, which also produce film in local languages and screen them worldwide. We will discuss the top 10 […]

Thai movies comprise a variety regarding the character’s fate, but the most influential moment is when the lead hero ultimately loses his life. This particular death scenario has a long-lasting impact on the audience and leaves them emotionally devastated. Whether it’s a male protagonist or a female, when the movie leads die, the audience grieves […]

Love stories are always an evergreen trend. They never go out of style with many different forms of love love story available like the slow-burns, the enemies to lovers, the hate to love, the arranged love, the contract love the fake dating, and adding to that fluidity boylove or as others say it BL.  As […]

No one can deny that rock and folk music can play a significant role in assisting a nation’s culture. Thailand’s music industry is one such growing industry that is captivating listeners from all age groups. Currently, many actors in the Thai entertainment industry are startling their fans with their songs and music. Aside from their […]

Mini-series are a great go-to when we are short of time. Thai mini lakorns are generally very cute, gripping, and romantic which keeps the audience engaged till the end. These dramas portray different stories in just 8-12 episodes, which makes them highly binge-worthy. Let’s look at some of the Top 10 Thai Mini Dramas: 1. […]

Sometimes all we need is a good cry after having a bad week or at the end of the day and watching sad movies or dramas can lift our mood. Today, Asian dramas are getting more popular, especially K-dramas and Thai dramas. Thai dramas have all genres which will make you cry, laugh and feel […]

Dramas based on families are always a wholesome watch. They generally tend to leave a nostalgic, comic, or dramatic note on the audience. Thai dramas are popular for their dramatic families, contract marriage, and interesting love stories, which have gained the attention of audiences worldwide. So let’s look at some of the Top 10 Tha […]