The Anime world comprises a variety of stories, plots, setups, dialogues, diversity, and episodes. There is several anime that have successfully crossed the margin of 1000 episodes. One plus point of having a more significant number of episodes is that the audience can deeply understand plots and characters and feel more connected to them. The […]

Korean actors don’t look their age, and the celebrities on this list prove it. Many actors and actresses start their careers at a very young age and people have watched them grow up on the screen. This sometimes makes fans feel surprised when they realise that their favourite actor is older than they thought. But […]

The concept of Time Travel is a fascinating topic for viewers. Many movies, shows, and animes have explored this concept repeatedly without sacrificing a good story, plot, and character development. This concept got explored so much now that it may feel cliche, but we still love the idea of going back in the timeline to […]

Legal dramas are one such genre that always tends to hook the audiences in their seats. The storyline in legal Chinese dramas is generally a mix of thrill and romance, making the dramas binge-worthy. These dramas sail through different cases while highlighting the importance of maintaining justice and fair play in any law. So let’s […]

Kdramas would be nothing without the cliche love stories, a dramatic course of events, and a classic love triangle. The tension between the main and the second lead always tends to keep the audience hooked to their seats. The dilemma that the main character goes through and the guy whom she chooses often tends to […]

There are many Korean Dramas on Friendships. Korean Dramas based on Friendships show how having great friends can make your problems disappear and life much easier. These Dramas show how people stay loyal to each other despite many difficulties in life. Korean Dramas based on Friendships have become very famous. Friendship Korean Dramas show the […]

There are many types of Korean dramas based on different genres. Many Korean dramas are romantic comedies. Many are thriller, suspense which drives people crazy about what will happen next. There are many dramas that give us different life lessons. Life Lessons that can help us move forward in our life. Here are the Top […]

Various Korean idols are famous around the whole world. There are Korean idols who have taken over entire music industry with their unique charms, music, dance, etc. Many idols stole people’s hearts even before debuting. Many Idols that became famous as trainees only. Here is a list of the Top 10 Korean idols who became […]

Korean movies have left a mark on international cinemas with many historic award nominations and win across the Golden Globes, BAFTAs, and The Oscars. Here are some of the captivating Korean films that got nominated for the Oscars. 1. Decision To Leave ‘Decision to Leave’ got shortlisted for the International Film Feature at the Academy […]

Mar 2023
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