Article: Best Romantic Fantasy Japanese Movies

Japanese movies are indeed a treat to watch. It’s entertaining and has a captivating storyline. If you have binged enough of Korean and Hollywood movies, try Japanese movies for a change. No matter what genres you like, Japanese movies have something to offer for all genres_especially romantic fantasy. Japanese have mastered the romantic fantasy genre. The magical fantasy world with the blend of romantic plot, and not to mention, the acting skills of the actors, makes the movie entertaining. These movies are available in different online streaming sites such as Netflix, Prime Video, Youtube, etc. So here is a compilation of the best romantic fantasy Japanese movies of all time.

1. The Blue Skies At Your Feet

Blue Skies at Your Feet is a romantic fantasy movie released in 2022. The story revolves around two high school students, Miyu and Shuya. Miyu and Shuya have been dating for two years. They had one ritual that they followed; that is, they would watch a movie together on the first day of each month. One day, Shuya suddenly cancels their plan and seemed to act nervous as if he is hiding something. Later, Miyu goes, where they were supposed to meet, but she witnesses Shuya getting into a car accident. Suddenly, she wakes up on the morning of the car accident. Now, she is stuck on a loop where she keeps waking up on the same morning.

2. The Land Beyond The Tarry Sky

The Land Beyond the Starry Sky is a Japanese movie released in 2021. The film tells the story of Akio Mori. Akio Mori is a high school student who is nearly hit by a truck. His friend, Makoto Ozaki, tries his best to save him. Since the incident, Akio started to have a dream of a gorgeous girl for two months, but was unaware of her identity. One day, he ran into the girl of her dreams. The girl suddenly came and hugged him and then disappeared in thin air. Akio was stunned by this and went home. After reaching home he saw his funeral photo was on display and realized, he was killed in the accident. Now, he journeys to unravel his connection with the girl.

3. You Shine In The Moonlit Night

You Shine in The Moonlit Night was released in 2019. The film tells the story of a high school student, Takuya Okada, and his crush, Mamizu Watarase. Mamizu is in hospital as she suffers from a rare disease called luminescence disease, where a person with this disease showed a faint sparkle under the moonlight & the sparkle gets brighter as their death approaches. Mamizu was not allowed to leave the hospital as her death was near. Takuya offers to help her to fulfill all her wishes before she passes away.

4. Hatsukoi Loss Time

Hatsukoi Loss Time was released in 2019. The film tells the story of Aiba Takashi and a strange phenomenon that is happening around her. Aiba Takashi failed the university exam and wasn’t interested in anything specific. One day, at 12:15 PM, time stopped for everyone but him. He realized he is not the only one experiencing this. A girl named Shinomiya Tokine was also experiencing the phenomenon. After that, everyday for one hour, this incident repeated bringing both close to each other.

5. Beautiful Goodbye

Beautiful Goodbye was released in 2019. The film tells the story of an unusual bond between a criminal and a zombie. Shinoda was on a run after stabbing a man. He then accidentally hits a young woman with his car, who was a zombie. She was escaping her ex-boyfriend who was the reason for her misery. Both decided to run together although there was no safe place for them to hide.

6. Dosukoi! Sukehira

Dosukoi! Sukehira was released in 2019. The film tells the story of an overweight girl and her unusual transformation. Sukehira Ayane, an overweight woman, loves chocolate. This love for chocolate took her to Italy, which is famous for its chocolate. There she meets with an accident and passed out. When she woke up, wholly transformed into a slim, beautiful lady. Then, she returned to Japan and worked as an esthetician. Charmed by her beauty, a famous Japanese idol, Takumi Minato invites her for dinner.

7. Tonight, At Romance Theater

Tonight, At Romance Theater is a Japanese fantasy romance movie released in 2018. The movie revolves around a man, Makino Kenji. Makino is an assistant director in a film studio and aspires to become a director. His secret pleasure was to watch an old black and white movie that showed a brief period before getting canceled. The princess, film’s heroine was the love of his life. One day, the actress of the film miraculously jumped out of the screen in black and white. She was mesmerized by the colorful world and caused much trouble for Kenji.

8. Café Funiculi Funicula

Café Funiculi Funicula was released in 2018. The movie revolves around a café and its miraculous seat. Kazu Tokita worked at the café “Funiculi Funicula,” run by her relative Nagare Tokita. There was one specific seat in the café which can take you to the past. But there are some rules in the magic. You can’t meet people who haven’t visited the café, nothing will change in the present if you do something different on the past. When one goes back in the past, they stay in the seat, and you can stay in the past as long as the coffee is hot.

9. Girl In The Sunny Place

Girl in the Sunny Place was released in 2013. The film tells the story of a young couple Kosuke and Mao. Kosuke and Mao were junior high school classmates until Kosuke transferred to another school. They crossed paths, ten years later, when Kosuke started working as a Salesman at a railway station and Mao was a company worker. Both fell in love and decided to get married. However, Mao is hiding a secret that can affect their relationship.

10. Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not was released in 2015. The film tells the strange story of Hayama and Oribe. Hayama Takashi is a high school student who fell in love at first site for a girl named Oribe Azusa. They subsequently started dating. Oribe confessed to Hayama that all her family friends and people she meets, forget her existence after few hours of meeting her. Hayama doesn’t believe her at first but realizes the truth. So, he started to document their moment so that he never forgets her.