Article: Top 10 Thai Dramas And Movies Of Bright Vachirawit Chivaaree

Most likely, if you enjoy Thai entertainment, you've heard of the charming and gifted actor Bright Vachirawit. One of the most sought-after actors in the business, Bright is renowned for his mesmerizing performances and unmistakable charm. Here is a compiled list of the top 10 dramas and films by Bright that you just must watch, whether you're a die-hard fan or are just beginning to explore his work. They'll keep you amused and fascinated.

1. Good Old Days

The Good Old Day series follows Krist, a shop owner or proprietor of an antique store. He sold the antique for a price determined by its provenance and age. because the seller wants the item's purchaser to keep the antique's history in mind. This drama tells six separate stories about people who work with items offered in antique stores. It includes tales about love, memories, dreams, and other memorable things, among other things.

2. F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers

This drama's plot centers on Gorya, a straightforward young woman who works at a flower shop. He aced the test and was admitted to a prestigious, expensive university where the majority of students were well-off. The school is likewise governed by the affluent, attractive, and spoilt F4 group of four lads. To the awe of all the males, notably the attractive group leader Thyme, Gorya is the only one there who confronts their bullying. Thyme is enthralled by Gorya from that point on and pursues her romantically, but he is not drawn to her because of his haughty first impression. Instead, he falls for Ren, Thyme's best friend; unfortunately, Ren still has feelings for Mira, his first love.

3. Astrophile

The show centers around Nubdao, the female host of the home shopping show "Your Hope At Home." He puts forth a lot of effort, but he still feels like his life isn't in order. because she is currently being sexually harassed at work and does not have enough money. Nubdao met Kimhan, a junior at the institution, by coincidence. This is the first step in Kim winning Nubdao's approval. She, however, does not attempt to recall them or their promise of "the night counting the stars." When Kimhan began assisting with product marketing for his show, they grew close.

4. Love Songs Love Series: Ja Rak Rue Ja Rai

The story of Ter, who started a tutoring business, although it had trouble. Then, to survive and launch a new business, he borrows money from a loan shark by the name of Daeng. Ter, however, is unable to pay the loan to Daeng since his friend Joe took Ter's money. Ter also proposes that Daeng pay off his debt in exchange for Ter tutoring his kid Snoopy. Snoopy is made to follow him despite having zero desire to learn. Five episodes of the Bright Vachirawit Chivaaree drama were released in 2018.

5. I Sea U

It depicts the tale of Talay, a young woman who still harbors hopes of finding her first love. She still feels that her first love is what she needs, even when a new man enters her life. What will transpire when his first love shows up, then? Between his new love and his first love, she must decide. The 16-episode Bright Vachirawit television series premiered in 2018.

6. 2gether: The Movie

The "Complete Edition" of the film will combine both 2gether The series and Still 2gether. Viewers in this version get to witness more of Sarawat's perspective on some situations, including the background to their first encounter and the rationale for his remark, "Keep looking at me like that, and I will kiss till you drop." Additionally, "Hidden Scene"—new scenes that were filmed to tie the narrative together—will be included. The conclusion will be distinct from the series.

7. In Time With You

In this Bright portrays the role of Nick. The story follows Pim who is an intelligent head of the sales department at a well-known shoe firm who has perfected a positive work/life balance. Her parents believe she is ready for marriage at age 30. Pon, her best friend, has always been there for her when she needed someone to weep on. They are viewed as the ideal couple by everyone. Except for Pim, who simply sees Pon as a friend and is unlikely to fall head over heels for her.

8. Social Death Vote

In this Bright portrays the role of Day. The plot revolves around an adolescent who creates the "Sex Vote" Facebook page, where he posts pornographic films of pupils. Visitors can "vote" on which students they want to spy on by liking and commenting on the videos.

9. The Interest

Bright, a low-level debt collector, stalks store owners and collects debts for the loan shark he works for while roaming the neighborhood streets. He meets Yaya, a straightforward woman who is juggling her father's illness and hospital costs. He makes a bargain with her to pay off a sizable debt in exchange for her consent to date him. She owes him a lot of money. He gradually develops feelings for her, only to learn that he is suffering from a fatal illness.

10. My Ambulance

Tantawan and emergency room resident Peng have been dating for fifteen years. Tantawan begins to question whether Peng still loves her despite her having magical abilities. Tantawan was hurt in a car collision they encountered one day. She has no memory when she awakens. Chalam, a charming young intern, enters her life and triggers memories of her previous feelings for Peng. She is unsure of who is the right match for her as her magical power with Peng has been waning and Chalam has begun to have it. During this period, Peng also meets Bami, a new acquaintance who visits him to get closer to him as a driver.