Article: Top 10 K-Dramas With A Crime-Solving Duo

We adore crime-solving duos in K-dramas. They keep us hooked with their fascinating secrets, and the quirky relationships between the characters add to the excitement. They have this unusual combination of crime-solving genius and entertaining personality that keeps us going back for more. The romance/bromance is also excellent. So, if you enjoy crime-solving duos, you're in for a treat because I've compiled a top ten list of the best ones for you to binge.

1. Behind Your Touch

In a quiet village, Bong Ye Bun, a veterinarian with a hilarious yet insightful superpower, and Moon Jang Yeol, a demoted detective, make an unusual crime-solving duo. When a serial murder case comes to light, their collaboration takes an exhilarating yet terrifying turn. This drama provides a unique take on crime-solving, which is enhanced by their changing relationship (they go from enemies to lovers). Their chemistry is swoon-worthy and you will be hooked to this gripping drama. Their slow-burn romance is another plus.

2. Stranger

Hwang Shi Mok, an apathetic but smart prosecutor, teams up with Lieutenant Han Yeo Jin to uncover corruption, and to solve a serial murder case. Their uncommon collaboration mixes logic and crime-solving ability, resulting in an engrossing and thought-provoking story. Stranger is the highest-grossing drama for its well-written plot and characters. You will love this duo, and their chemistry is heartwarming.

3. Voice

Detective Moo Jin Hyuk and voice profiler Kang Kwon Joo collaborate to investigate murders and track down the serial killer who murdered their family members. The drama stands out for its fascinating crime-solving experience, as well as its dark, gritty atmosphere. This thriller will captivate viewers from start to finish. The female lead is cheerful and kind and makes the cold-hearted male lead fall for her. The acting is as exceptional as the plot.

4. My Lovely Liar

Mok Sol Hee has the superpower to discern lies. Her cynical attitude about people transforms when she meets her new neighbor, Kim Do Ha, a music producer with a dark past. Sol Hee's superpower does not work on Do Ha, therefore he remains a mystery to her. Their growing relationship offers a wonderful twist to the concept of a crime-solving pair. The leads have undeniable hot chemistry that will make viewers' hearts skip a beat.

5. Queen Of Mystery

Yoo Seol Ok's lifelong ambition of becoming a police officer comes true when she teams up with a dedicated detective to solve unsettling crimes (literally our dream as well). Their connection offers a fascinating twist, with clever and flirty bantering and distinct personalities. This is a drama that you do not want to miss. This duo will steal your hearts.

6. Catch The Ghost

Catch the Ghost is a romantic investigative drama about Yoo Ryung, a justice-obsessed lady with exceptional spatial vision who frequently gets herself into trouble owing to her rash actions. To solve cases, she works with a station commander, a stable and strong man (played by our favorite actor, Kim Seon Ho). You'll be hooked by their love/hate connection. The acting is phenomenal and watching this duo work together is a treat.

7. Brain Works

Despite their opposing personalities, neurologist Shin Ha Ru and Detective Geum Myung Se work together to solve crimes in this gripping mystery comedy. They solve mysteries in a fun yet fascinating manner. The primary leads are adorable, and the bromance is adorable too. Their method of solving cases is unique and you stay hooked to the screen.

8. Good Job

In this charming mystery comedy, attractive chaebol Eun Sun Woo doubles as a detective. He meets Don Se Ra, a woman with superhuman vision who hides behind glasses. They start with a funny love story laced with intrigue. The cast's camaraderie shows through in this lively and engaging performance. They are so cute together and will make you swoon.

9. Rose Mansion

Ji Na, a hotel clerk, embarks on a mission to discover the truth about her sister's kidnapping in a tense story that will move you to tears. She unearths the mysteries hidden among seemingly regular neighbors with the help of Min Soo, a dedicated detective with his hidden secrets. Their chemistry is beautiful, and they are well-written characters. This drama has no plot holes and is a must-watch.

10. Missing Noir M

Detective Oh Dae Yeong, a veteran of the law, and Gil Su Hyeon, a brilliant thinker with a dark secret, co-lead South Korea's Special Missing Persons Unit, which tackles the most complex violent crime cases. This detective duo provides an interesting new spin to the genre. The bromance is heartwarming, and the leads’ passion for saving people is admiring. Do not miss out on this gem.