Article: Top 10 K-Dramas With A Cheerful Female Lead

K-dramas featuring upbeat female leads have long been popular due to their contagious optimism and relatable chaos. These characters bring us joy and inspiration, prompting us to grin while we confront life's obstacles. Prepare to smile big as you watch these top 10 K-dramas with a cheerful female lead.

1. 25 21

25 21 is, without a doubt, the best youth drama. Na Hee Do, an aggressive and kind-hearted teen fencer, consistently confronts difficulties. Despite the hurdles posed by South Korea's financial crisis, she works hard to attain her goals and even makes the national fencing team. Her tenacity, cheerfulness, and friendliness distinguish her as the best and most happy female lead. The second female lead is likewise upbeat. You will adore every aspect of Hee Do's character in this drama. The ending will leave you in pieces, though.

2. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Kim Bok Joo is a bright-eyed weightlifter with huge goals and a large heart and appetite. She balances the hardships of pursuing her weightlifting ambition with the joys and trials of her first romance. Bok Joo's contagious positivity and determination will win you over. She is a good friend and always tries her best to be there for them. Her pout is super adorable, and we love her personality a lot.

3. A Business Proposal

Shin Ha Ri, our bright and kind-hearted female lead, agrees to go on a blind date as a stand-in for her friend, only to be proposed to by Kang Tae Moo, the CEO of her firm. Ha Ri's cheerfulness and wit give a nice touch to this enjoyable 2010s-style rom-com. She is so chaotic and upbeat; her happiness rubs off on you. She is iconic.

4. Her Private Life

Sung Deok Mi, the upbeat and passionate art gallery curator with a secret crush for Shi An. Until Ryan Gold, the indifferent new director, discovers her secret, her world revolves around him. Her Private Life is a lovely blend of romance and comedy that keeps you engaged with the leads' refreshing honesty. She is a talented and cheerful person, and her adorable smile warms our hearts.

5. Snowdrop

Young Ro is an upbeat and determined university student. When a mystery guy finds safety in her dorm, she becomes entangled in a web of danger, secrets, and tragedy. Jisoo impresses as Young Ro, making you root for her the entire time. She's adorable and makes the cutest faces, especially in the music store scene.

6. My Roommate Is A Gumiho

Lee Dam, played by Hyeri, is a joyous child who inadvertently eats a magical bead belonging to Shin Woo Yeo, a centuries-old nine-tailed fox. They've become roommates, and the humor that ensues is pure gold. Hyeri is the prettiest, most joyful female lead ever, and she captures the humor as Lee Dam.

7. Goong

In this beautiful drama, Chae Gyeong, a cheery and feisty high school student, transforms into an unexpected princess. Despite the difficulties of adjusting to royal life and a challenging marriage to the Crown Prince, her positive attitude shows through. The drama is a charming mix of romance and comedy.

8. Radio Romance

Song Geu Rim is a radio writer who struggles with words but has a big heart. She joins forces with a well-known actor, Ji Su Ho, to salvage her radio show. It's all about having fun and following your aspirations. Kim So Hyun's pleasant remarks and smiles will captivate your heart.

9. Cheer Up

Do Hae Yi, a financially oriented university student, joins the campus cheering squad reluctantly for money but learns the joys of college life. Her upbeat and exuberant nature shines through as she bonds with her squadmates, especially supporting alumnus Bae Young Woong. She's lively and outgoing, making her the ideal joyful female protagonist.

10. Playful Kiss

Oh Ha Ni, played by the lovely Jung So Min, is a cheerful high school student and has a crush on the perfectionist Baek Seung Jo, who doesn't return her affections. After a twist of fate, they end up living together. Ha Ni's infectious cheerfulness and determination become her tools in winning over Seung Jo's cold heart. Jung So Min is the perfect cheerful, happy-go-lucky female lead and is super adorable. She is chaotic and funny. You will love this drama and will be left wanting for more.