We all have at least one favorite couple who we love to see together on screen. The chemistry between the two actors sometimes is so natural and electrifying that we want to see them together every time in every series and film. Many actors and actresses have the bond and comfort that complements their presence […]

Movies always cost bags of money to make. Every other scene demands a different feel, vibe, and location. And to make a perfect movie, you need to fulfill the demand of every scene. In the Chinese film industry for a long time, movies were made within the country, but slowly with time, they are expanding, […]

Every corner of the country has different superstitious myths and beliefs. And sometimes myths are so weird to even listen to that it’ll make you go insane. Myths are the stories based on the old traditions that have no scientific evidence of their truthfulness but still, people believe in them. Because everyone loves their life […]

We all are well aware that despite the differences in geographical location, society in every corner of the world has its flaws. And there is no better reflector of the society than the film industry. Movies are not just a source of entertainment, but it is capable enough to highlight some of the critical issues […]

Did you know that you don’t have to be from South Korea to be a part of the K-Pop industry? By incorporating international styles, K-Pop has gained a massive following of people globally and has proven that language can never be a barrier to art. This unique subgenre of pop music has welcomed numerous talents […]

Bored of cliché movies with the same old rich guy, poor girl plots that seem to go nowhere? Give a try to some of these titles that are unique with their impressive plotlines with endings so unpredictable that they will blow your mind. From thrillers to crimes, horrors to black comedy, this list is an […]

Revenge movies are one of the favorite genres of both movie-makers and their audiences. This genre is as old as storytelling itself, and in the recent era, one industry has mastered this genre. It’s the Korean Movie Industry! No one can serve revenge films as interestingly as the Korean filmmakers. The stories here not just […]

Nicole Johnson once said that “ films that terrify you today may improve your fear responses tomorrow – and could provide relief from anxiety and stress.” Good horror films should have fear, surprise, suspense, mystery, and spoilers. Chinese horror films are four types, Hong Kong horror films, supernatural horror films, psychological horror films, and horror-thriller […]

The looks of these villains are maliciously gripping as their eyes have an unrelenting look. They usually have a lot of power but their moves are untraceable. They are under the close watch of detectives and the police personnel as their critical target. They are also watched in the list of top stars as well […]

The hottest actors play the role of the powerful military or Army officers and such roles show the reality of fighting for lives and survival. These men are strong fighters who sacrifice selflessly. Their character is full of dedication and the thrill of fighting for others. Their story is full of bravery and fierce characters. […]