Japan has released some legendary, genuine, strange, fantastical, and terrifying movies over the decades. Numerous of them were so critically acclaimed they obtained their own Hollywood remakes 1. Samsara  The movie Samsara is a phrase that describes the ever-turning revolution of life. Samsara assumes the form of a nonverbal, taught meditation that will transform observers in countries […]

Japanese anime have a wide range of genres in anime is the main explanation for why it is so widespread. Every individual wants a different story, genre, and type in anime Romance, humor, action/adventure, mystery/tension, and horror are merely occasional of the multiple genres explored by anime plots. 1. Ghost In The Shell (1997) The […]

There are many Korean shows about people moving to the city to study and earn. Bits of countryside life are shown when the leads visit their hometown. But there are stories that are set in these small towns. Here are few dramas to watch if you want to enjoy Korean village life. 1. Hometown Cha […]

Prisons are a unique setting for dramas to take place. But there are few Korean shows that are centred in a prison. It might be about innocent people accused of crimes, or people who want a second chance in life. These dramas will surely change people’s views about prisoners. 1. Prison Playbook The drama focuses […]

Fantasy Korean Shows are a treat to fans as they give a different representation to their favourite actors. These shows offer variety too. There are time-travel dramas, dramas about mythical creatures, etc. Check this list of actors who have starred in fantasy shows more than once. 1. Han Ji Min  Han Ji Min has starred […]

Long hair has been a symbol of beauty for a long time. Short hair was often stereotyped for rebellious or funny characters. But times have changed now and these actresses have proved that their hairstyle neither affects their appearance nor their acting. 1. Park Bo Young Park Bo Young achieved a strong and cute look […]

Korean celebrities love experimenting with their hair. Though idols are often seen colouring their hair and trying new hairstyles, actors do not experiment with their hair much. But here are few actors who tried the long-hair look and made fans love them. 1. Kim Woo Bin Kim Woo Bin took a break from acting to […]

Korean actors have common surnames. But there are some actors who share a part of their name with other actors. A common name among some of the top actors is Wook. The word ‘Wook’ means ‘sunrise’ and these actors indeed live up to their name. 1. Ji Chang Wook  Ji Chang Wook is one of […]

We have only ever witnessed K-pop stars on stage who were talented in acting, dancing, singing, and rapping. However, you’ll be astounded by how talented a cook they are as well.  Because of their many on-stage abilities, idols always attract admiration because of their immense brilliance. These idols, however, are also exceptionally talented off the […]

There is no doubt that parents play a critical role in everyone’s lives. It has an enormous influence on children’s upbringing.  Bad parenting is a social blight in the actual world and anime, raising children who struggle as adults. Because it offers crucial understanding into a character’s general demeanor, knowing a character’s past and relationship […]