Aragaki Yui is a Japanese actress, singer, and model born on June 11, 1988, in Naha, Okinawa. She began her modeling career at 13, after auditioning for junior fashion magazine Nicola. She set a record by appearing fifteen times on the magazine’s cover. She made her acting debut in Shibuya in 2005, and also became […]

As we all are aware, anime is known for its inventiveness in recreating folklore with unique fantasy creatures. Water is an element that can be personified as soft and ethereal as the seafoam lingers on a sun-soaked beach or is overpowered and threatening as a storm-tossed tsunami. From ocean gods to sirens to fish people, […]

South Korean culture, especially Korean dramas, idols, and Korean beauty tips, has gained popularity. Many people are hooked on binge-watching K-dramas and movies, but if you are new, there is no better option than to start watching dramas that will keep you on edge with their intense plot schemes, plot twists, and amazing acting. So, […]

Korean dramas also known as K-Dramas have gained immense popularity worldwide, and comic adaptions have been a hit among viewers. These dramas bring those charming characters to life, blending captivating storytelling with stunning visuals. So, whenever you get a little lazy and doesn’t want to read novels or comics and indulge yourself in those captivating […]

There are a lot of K-dramas about chaotic roommates and the shenanigans they get up to. There are a lot of dramas that use the trope of roommates to lovers often as well. In this list, we are talking about some K-dramas that have effectively used this trope. 1. Welcome To Waikiki This drama follows […]

The Korean music industry has been popular and is growing worldwide because of its talented artists, musical voices, and fashion sense with a sprinkle of elegant dancing. And the circle chart is also known as the Gain chart. It contains a complete list of talented and deserving artists from South Korea. So, want to know […]

There is a very underrated genre in the Chinese drama world, and that is a tall boyfriend and short girlfriend genre. This is a very underrated trope in the drama land, and Chinese dramas have mastered this genre. There are many dramas in which the male lead is evidently taller than the female lead. Many […]

Thai Drama is known for its compelling and dramatic narratives that often touch on and explore themes like passionate, possessive romance. Series with such genre make it enjoyable to watch where their possessive and obsessive character shakes your heart with their excellent performance. Thai dramas have become widely famous among viewers mainly because of their […]

In this list we are talking about some of the best Coming-Of-Age K-dramas. These K-dramas will bring you a lot of nostalgia and remind you of the good old days. 1. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo In this series, we follow Kim Bok-Joo, who is a bright and very promising female weightlifter. She is in college […]

The Korean Hallyu wave is one of the most significant cultural phenomena in the world right now, and even a casual viewer isn’t untouched by this. Even someone who doesn’t keep up with the latest Korean trends and news has to admit that the influence of Korean media in the current scene is incomparable. From […]