China has always been brimming with beautiful and talented actors and actresses. However, with age, people start thinking about their future apart from their existing jobs. Here are some Chinese celebrities who got retired from their career. 1. Ke Huy Quan Ke Hyun Quan, or Jonathan Ke Quan, is an American-based actor. His parents are […]

Jan 2023

Martial Arts is a traditional sports form with no specific country of origin. It consists of various types, like Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Judo, Karate, Mixed Martial arts, boxing, kickboxing, etc. This form is many reasons to practice for personal and national benefits, such as self-defense, national security (military), and physical and mental balance. Martial […]

Jan 2023

Kung fu is a Chinese martial arts form also called wushu and quanfa. Kung Fu and China have a long history and legendary practitioners and their legendary techniques. Some of the greatest Kung Fu masters from historical times are- Yi Fei, Yip Man, Li Shuwen, etc. Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan are highly popular for […]

Jan 2023

Beijing is China’s capital city, filled with many tourist places, from palaces to temples and museums. Chinese movies set in Beijing are majorly about plots covering the Cultural Revolution (Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution) and the stories of the people who went through the sociopolitical then-situation led by Mao Zedong in 1966. Many listed films got […]

China is historically involved in many events internationally and has developed the existence of its culture and the mainland. We can claim that the dominance of Chinese culture is noticeable. Festivals like the Lantern Festival and Chinese New Year, and Sports like martial arts and shadow boxing, the Mandarin language, and many others are part […]

Hong Kong movies have run through better than 20 years of brilliance, and countless classic films and numerous outstanding performers have been born. Chinese film industry so far, from the star-dusted cast of the East-meets-West collaboration 1. Long Fang Long Fang’s operating profession can be separated into two years. In 1971, he experienced Zhang Che’s […]

1. Empress Of China A young girl called Wu Ru Yi of Jingzhou County was chosen to join the Tang Dynasty’s imperial harem in 637 AD. Ru Yi was the best dancer among the girls and stood out from the crowd. She attracted king Tai Tang Li Shi Min’s Love and admiration during a performance, […]

Dramas based on webtoons have been increasingly popular in recent years. This is because popular webtoons already have a core following. A webtoon’s fans frequently request that it be turned into a drama. Webtoons are therefore being adapted into dramas in record numbers to keep up with demand. 1. Meteor Garden A regular girl is […]

Chinese movies had two golden eras (the 1930s and 1944–1951) – Before entering a time of silence in movie culture and then rising again with the highly praised works of the Fifth and Sixth Generation filmmakers. 1. Robotics The tale spins near A mad scientist who transfers his mind to an evil robot, which then […]

Chinese dramas are famous for the story and the screenplay. Chinese dramas are known for taking dramas in a different genres. There are so many genres, especially family-based dramas that attracted many audiences. Through this article, we are going to know about the top 10 Chinese family-based dramas. 1. When We Are Young The story […]