Chinese garments get perceived as cheap quality goods. But these modern designers have changed this perception completely. These designers have tried to put Chinese culture on a global pedestal. These designers have different ways of presenting their culture. Some of them design elegant and subtle clothes, and some are fearless and use vibrant colors.   […]

When people watch two good-looking Chinese artists, they can’t stop themselves from shipping them to become an onscreen couple. They start hoping that the actors get paired together. The viewers are dedicated while supporting the actors who have actively helped in making the industry flourish. The viewers indulge in making fan pages and hashtags, hoping […]

Celebrities invest in fashion brands, commerce, infrastructure, beverages, and technology. These celebrities are known for their excellent trading skills. They maintained China’s reputation of being a good country to import and export. These celebrities have made their mark in the Chinese market as well as the global market. Some of these celebrities are actors, singers, […]

Health is wealth, and these celebrities swear by this phrase. These celebrities are struggling with diseases like cancer, and some are trying to get back after focusing on their mental health. These celebrities focused on the brighter side and were able to spread awareness and ways of prevention. These celebrities are worthy of all compliments […]

The Chinese have a great liking for the fine arts. From the time of their great empires, poetry and music have been vastly appreciated by the people. Though Chinese music is not heard as much as, let’s say, Korean music, it is still the heartbeat of over a billion people. Chinese pop music has been […]

Let’s know about the top 10 most successful Chinese films irrespective of their low budget: 1. LOST IN THAILAND One of the top low-budget Chinese films that became successful is “LOST IN THAILAND.” The Movie was released in 2012. The shocking thing about it is its budget, The budget for it was only $4.6million, but […]

The story of great dynasties is something that has always fascinated audiences. The Chinese drama industry also delivered some excellent dynastic stories. These series became the reason for fame for many actors. Every actor in such plays is loved. Playing the main protagonist that is emperor in such shows is quite challenging. The actors must […]

Winter is the perfect weather to indulge in the world of Chinese dramas. These are some romantic, comedy, and action-packed dramas. Watch these dramas to keep yourself warm and entertained this winter. Grab your comfort food and some hot chocolate and enjoy these dramas. 1. Flowers Bloom in Winter The series is about a man’s […]

In today’s world, where we talk about equality, moviemakers need to be more conscious about the roles they offer to women. It is high time that women in movies should be more than just a love interests. If you search for films on women empowerment, you will find female-centric movies, but they are not enough. […]

1. Jiang Wen  Jiang Wen was brought into the world in the modern city of Tangshan in Chinas Heibei Province in 1963, the most established child of a tactical family who moved to Beijing when he was ten. Jiang Wen had a similarly effective vocation as a screenwriter and chief, having procured a few awards […]