Article: C-Dramas With Genius Character

If you are a fan of Chinese dramas, you’ll be interested in our list of ten C-Dramas that features genius characters. These shows not only captivate viewers with their intricate plots but also showcase the remarkable intelligence and problem-solving abilities of their protagonists.

From cunning strategies to brilliant scientist, these characters will leave you in awe of their exceptional minds. Prepare to be amazed by the journeys of the characters, and how they navigate complex challenges and outsmart their adversaries at every turn.

1. Jenius (2015)

J is an unsociable student who enjoys skipping lectures and studying weird formulas and mathematics. He comes from a brilliant family. After purposefully cutting his own face in front of his peers as a form of self-harm, he vanished. A few months later, Chu Xia, a new transfer student, searches for J with her teacher’s permission to write him a note. She learns along the way how mysterious J’s residence is.

2. Detective L (2019)

A fascinating crime case surfaces in the heart of Shanghai during the Republican Era in the 1930s. Qin Xiao, a stunning recent police academy graduate, joins the investigative unit. Luo Fei, the renowned detective, becomes her neighbor and coworker. They work together to solve cases, and in the process, a huge conspiracy begins to emerge.

3. Inference Notes (2017)

This drama is about Xiao Zao An, who is an idol with a secret identity which is called Ai Di Sheng, and Mi Ka Ka. She works with a brilliant detective to solve a string of revenge crimes while battling Poker, a covert organisation. In the process they learn about Ai Di Sheng’s identity, the hidden personality.

4. Bedtime Hero (2018)

Ding Yi has excellent academic credentials but is not very friendly and is a homebody. Despite his laziness, he possesses a talent that no one else knows. He has a photographic memory. But he does not have it all, he has a flaw as well. Whenever he is scared his short-term memory vanishes instantly. When Ding Yi is accepted to Qing Hua, he meets Ai Mei, his guidance counselor, who helps him refine his skills, along with his lively and affluent roommate Feng Zixi.

5. Project 17: Side By Side (2019)

This story is narrated by an autistic teenager and his younger sibling. Teenage autistic Ping An becomes well-known for being a badminton prodigy. His younger brother Zi Hao is a badminton player as well. Xiao Na is a bright young lady who spends her summers helping at her grandfather’s badminton court. She grows close to both of the brothers but is attracted to Zi Hao. But things do not go as smoothly as they had hoped.

6. Go Go, Squid! (2019)

Former esports champion Han Shang Yan founded his esports club, K&K, to teach teenagers to compete in esports. Han Shang Yan was long retired from the CTF cyber-security esports. One evening, Han Shang Yan enters an internet café to unwind after K&K loses in a CTF battle. Tong Nian, a computer science genius and sometimes internet vocalist, was assisting her cousin in running the café when Han Shang Yan enters and she instantly falls in love.

7. Crocodile And Plover Bird (2019)

This drama is about young people aiming to lead the way in architectural advancements that will help future generations. A genius meets his opposite, and the two get along with each other immediately. These two, who initially met at the Animal Research Society, go from hate to love.

8. Chasing Ball (2019)

The drama is about a group of young people who become friends over table tennis. Seeking the truth about twenty years ago, they are crucial in bringing Tengyuans’s splendour back to life.

9. Gank your Heart (2019)

Gank your Heart is a drama about Ji Xiang Kong who is well-known, attractive, and surrounded by many fangirls. Unaware of his damaged reputation in the e-sports community, Qiu Ying seizes the opportunity to establish her celebrity when she meets him at an international competition. This deal causes her much more pain rather than relief. For Qiu Ying, the incident proves to be a blessing in disguise as she discovers her calling. By coincidence, she discovers that Ji Xiang Kong is a genius who has been gravely misunderstood by people.

10. My Love, Enlighten Me (2020)

Nuan Nuan is a 22-year-old pop sensation famous for her optimism and kindness. She has to restart her life after the girl group she was part of broke up the night of their premiere. Her dreams are halted because of the sad circumstances around her.