Nopjira Lerkkajornamkul, also known as Fern, is a Thai actress and accomplished artist. She graduated from KMUTNB with a Bachelor of Engineering Degree. She works at Power Line Engineering Public Company Ltd. Some of her favorite hobbies are running, exercising, photography, and swimming. She started acting when she participated in Dao Pradoo Deng and won. […]

Women are making spaces in almost every field one comes across. The most astonishing attribute of women is that they can be fierce and elegant at the same time. The changing mindset has made its way to the anime world as well. One can notice women in a variety of roles that were initially considered […]

Nowadays, it is seen that Korean entertainment is everywhere, but there was a long time when only a few of us knew about these gems being created by South Korea. It was during the 60s when Korean cinema began to pick up and create a different style than the country is currently known for, despite […]

Sometimes, binge-watching heart-wrenching dramas, and some cheesy romance movies, might make us fans also crave some thrillers. With action-packed scenes, blood-soaked gang fights, and excellent gang members, these are guaranteed a pack of action to give you all the adrenaline you need. The top 10 best Korean Gangster movies are. 1. Deliver Us From Evil […]

The Anime world is known for its various tropes and conventions, and some of these tropes act as the framework of how someone behaves or thinks. We have self-insert male leads, the genius kid, magical kids, and many more, but what about our Tsundere? It means someone who is standoffish, harsh, or aloof at first […]

The origin of J-pop can be traced back to the 1990s. It is said that the English rock band The Beatles played a huge role in the evolution of J-pop. Early Japanese rock bands such as Happy End fused their style with their English rock music, creating the genre now known as J-pop. This paved […]

One of the most well-liked tropes in K-dramas is office romances. Every good office romance will include heaps of romantic tension, nosy co-workers, and a handsome and intimidating boss. In this list, we are talking about some of the best office romances in K-dramas. 1. Business Proposal In this series, we follow Shin Ha-Ri, an […]

Chinese series has a talent for creating complex and emotionally charged narratives, and the concept of secret babies is a recurring theme that has caught the audience’s attention. Such narratives often include secrets and unforeseen parenthood, where the mother often hides the truth from the baby’s father about the child and that she is to, […]

It is truly said that if off-screen chemistry among the actors is good, then no doubt their onscreen chemistry will be a fire that will make the audience feel and crave to see more dramas of them. BL couples are unique in their way, and having breathtaking onscreen and offscreen chemistry will indeed attract people […]

Korean celebrities are known for their impeccable fashion sense and flawless makeup looks. In particular, bold lipstick looks have become a trend that many have followed. From deep reds to bright pinks, Korean celebrities have shown us that a bold lip can elevate any outfit and make a statement. In this article, we will take […]