Revenge and rage are deadly combinations that could burn anyone from the inside out. Many characters in anime take the wrong path to quench their thirst for revenge against the ones they blame for their fate. Here, we will list the top 10 anime characters that turned into antagonists in the rage of revenge. 1. […]

Korean BL dramas have gained immense popularity, captivating audiences with their heartfelt stories of love, friendship, and self-discovery. In BL dramas, you’ll witness the blossoming of tender romances, the struggles of self-acceptance, and the enduring power of love. These dramas beautifully explore the complexities of same-sex relationships while breaking boundaries and challenging societal norms. If […]

May 2023

K-dramas have various dramas in the sci-fi genre that show advanced technology, AI, robots, time travel, etc. In this article, we’ll see 10 dramas you should not miss. 1. I’m Not a Robot I Am Not a Robot is a drama revolving around a man named Min-Kyu, who has a severe allergy to people. He […]

Love and hate relationships always keep the audience hooked to their seats. But the stories get interesting when a well-plotted revenge against an archnemesis goes wrong when the two fall in love. So let’s look at some of the Top 10 Revenge To Lovers Chinese Dramas: 1. You Complete Me This 2020 romance drama revolved […]

Korean Dramas are famous for amazing romantic stories worldwide. Many Korean Dramas don’t have romance at all. The Dramas which don’t have any romance is also very famous because of their intriguing plot and complex characters. These dramas are based on different aspects of society, like murder mysteries, and survival competitions. They deal with various […]

Technology is very advanced today. The advancement of technology has made almost every task easy for us. Many Korean Dramas portray the use of advanced technology very well. Many Korean Dramas show the use of advanced technology that surprises the viewers. Korean Dramas have shown very progressive AIs coming into the real world and acting […]

Many Korean dramas show successful marriages. They show a couple living happily ever after marriage. But in reality, some couples are not happy after getting married. Some people think they’ll live their whole life together, but things don’t go as planned. Similarly, Many Korean Dramas that show how couples face problems after marriage. These Dramas […]

Chinese dramas are known for their portrayal of fantasy and strong female leads in their dramas. Over the past few years, these dramas have also focused on depicting realistic and mature relationships. These couples are shown as two independent individuals who learn and journey through the struggles of life, together. Let’s look at the top […]

Mar 2023
16bit Sensation

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Tai ari Deshita Ojou sama Wa Kakutou Game Nante Shinai

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