Article: Top 10 Chinese Dramas With Hidden Babies

Chinese series has a talent for creating complex and emotionally charged narratives, and the concept of secret babies is a recurring theme that has caught the audience’s attention. Such narratives often include secrets and unforeseen parenthood, where the mother often hides the truth from the baby's father about the child and that she is to, or has given birth to the child, and when the father comes to know about the fact, he tries to get involved with the child and their life in every possible manner. It also depicts how it significantly impacts the lives of the characters. Here, we will examine the top 10 dramas that consist of hidden babies, exploring secrets and suspense, and heartwarming moments when the truth is revealed. These dramas depict the entanglement of love, family, and the connections made as an outcome of the revelations.

1. Love, Never Forgetting

Love, Never Forgetting is a 2014 series that tells the tale of Li Zhong Mou and Wu Tong. When the two primary leads meet at first, they feel an instant connection.  However, they have to part and go separate ways. Years later, when Li Zhong Mou and Wu Tong meet, it upsets Wu Tong to see that Li Zhong Mou has forgotten her. However, the two spend years together for their child to become good parents and start to work on their broken relationship. The series is taken from Wu Ai Cheng Huan's novel by Lan Bai Se.

2. Just Spoil You

Young and gorgeous Zhong Ling, a Manhua artist returns to the city she left after her breakup with her boyfriend, Han Donglai, six years ago. To treat the congenital diabetes of her son Kele, Zhong Ling had to return. Suddenly, when Kele goes lost, he unexpectedly meets a man who looks precisely like Han Donglai, a character who often appears in his mom's manhua. Assuming him as his father, kele is taken to Han Donglai's office, which leads to the reunion of Zhong Ling and Han Donglai and the beginning of a chaotic love-hate relationship.

3. The Love You Give Me

Five years ago, Min Hui, a young woman, fell in love with Qin Xi, who suffers from a dangerous heart condition. Things start to go wrong when some misunderstandings arise, which leads them to split and go their separate ways from each other. However, after five years, they reunite at a business event in an awkward situation. Min Hui has become the R&D assistant at a tech firm, and Qin Xi has become the investment firm’s CEO. Taking that fate has brought them together, Qin Xi decides to take out his previous betrayal and anger on Min Hui, but he finds out about Min Hui that she has a son Min Quan Quan, who suffers from the same heart condition as Qin Xi. When Qin Xi finds out that Min Quan Quan is his son, he makes an effort to reconcile with him and Min Hui, which at last, leads to a happy family and a happy ending.

4. Lee Jun Kai

Lee Jun Kai tries his best to hate and get revenge on his enemy for what they had done to his former lover and their unborn baby. Lee Jun Kai ends up marrying Le Yi, the daughter of his enemy. Lee Jun Kai treats her poorly, and surprisingly, Le Yi does not say or do anything to stop him from treating her poorly. Soon, Lee Jun Kai realises that he is in love with Li Ye, after which he tries to deny it and eventually gives her divorce. However, six years later, he finds out that Li Ye gave birth to their son and raised him on her own. The series has a concise plot, leading to a sad ending.

5. Begin Again

Lu Fang Ning, a successful and influential CEO of a furniture company, is in her thirties and is getting pressured by her family to get married and bear a child. Ling Rui, a warm, kind-hearted doctor, appears in front of Lu Fang Ning, who she sees as her perfect match. The two lead to a conclusion where they agree to a fake marriage but ultimately end up falling in love with each other. However, they realize that it is challenging to keep the marriage happy and happening after which they decide to split. Lu Dang Ning raises her and Ling Rui's son, Lu You You, on her own, but Lu Dang Ning chooses to give a second chance to her relationship, which at last, leads them to marry each other again, leading to a blooming and happy ending.

6. Fiancée

Lan Xiao Yi chooses to leave her job in Hangzhou and move to Shanghai with Tian Fei, her boyfriend. Though Lan Xiao Yi finds it challenging to get a job, she is pleased to be with Tian Fei. Xiao Lu, a new colleague at Tian Fei's workplace, fell in love with him and is persistent in doing everything to be with him. To be with Tian Fei, Xiao Lu fakes her pregnancy and forces him to marry her, for which Tian Fei leaves Xiao Yi, saying that he will return to her after two years, but that day never arrived. Xiao Yi discovers that she is pregnant with Tian Fei's baby girl. At last, Xiao Yi and Ma Yao, the son of a wealthy director, marry each other and live happily ever after with their daughter.

7. Oh! My Dreamy Daddy

Gu Zi Jin is a cold-hearted CEO who avoids every woman he sees, but he wants Qin Mu Xuan to keep her close. A conspiracy leads the two to have an adorable baby named Qin Xiao Bao. Xiao Bao has never heard of or seen his father, and he often feels lonely and is forced by his friends. Five years later, when Xiao Bao is getting bullied by his friends, his father i.e. Gu Zi Jin, shows up and saves him. However, Mu Xuan is afraid that Zi Jin is here to take his son back.

8. Ex-Wife Stop

It is a 2022 series where Sheng Nan Fang, a handsome CEO, had to marry an ordinary girl, Su Shao Yan unwillingly. Due to many misunderstandings, Nan Fang breaks Shak Yan's heart many times and decides to divorce her, not knowing she is pregnant with his child. After the divorce, he realizes that he lost his true love.

9. Love Everlasting

Zhong Mei Bao, a sweet girl from a simple and pleasing family background, and Xiao Mu Chen, an heir to a wealthy company, had a romantic relationship in their college days. However, Zhong Mei Bao ends things sadly and unexpectedly with Xiao Mu Chen. After many years, the two reunite at work, and the old love sentiments return.

10. Because Of Love

Tan Jing is a single mother whose son is suffering from heart disease. Tan Jing raises Sun Ping as an obedient son while leading a frugal lifestyle to save money for her son's operation. Ni Ye Shung is a heart surgeon who picks Sun Ping as his first patient where he discovers his former lover Tan Jing.