Article:  Top 10 C-Dramas Where Leads Meet Again After Breaking Up

Chinese drama leaps childhood love story. The audience can see both perspectives. The C-Dramas are popularly known for leads meeting again after breaking up and reconciling, which makes the drama more intriguing.  As leads mature and understand their feelings, it gets exciting to look at the phase of their meeting again after breaking up. So many C-Dramas, we will look at where leads meet again after breaking up and spicing the story for the audience.

1. Lighter And Princess

Lighter And Princess shows the story of a young and passionate girl who has begun her college life. She meets the boy, who is cold and not interested in participating with other classmates in any activities. The leads warm up to each other and start dating after getting comfortable with each other. However, a tragedy strikes them, and they are separated. They met again after years, and the story took a new path.

2. Road Home

In this drama, the Road Home, the boy and the girl meet in high school and instantly feel attracted to each other. They started dating, and the boy's career path in the military took a turn in both of their life. Because of a lack of communication and not understanding they broke up. After ten years, they meet again, and the story gets exciting as old feelings come rushing.

3. The Love You Give Me

The Love You Give Me shows the story of a girl who is struggling to look after her son, suffering from heart disease. She meets the boy again and hides from him about having a boy child. The boy and the girl dated back in the day, but they got separated due to a misunderstanding. The three lives are connected, and how their story moves forward is intriguing to not miss.

4. Love Everlasting 

Love Everlasting tells the story of a girl from a poor background. The boy is a wealthy heir. They meet each other in college and fall in love with each other. They started dating, and after some time, the girl suddenly broke up with him, leaving the boy heartbroken. They meet again after years in their work life, and their past feelings come rushing.

5. Fireworks Of My Heart

Fireworks Of My Heart tells the story of two close childhood best friends. They have an inseparable bond, which both of their families have a problem with. They force them to separate, leaving the girl and the boy heartbroken. The boy became a firefighter chief, and the girl became an emergency doctor. Their work life and job field forced them to work with each other.

6. Begin Again

Begin Again tells the story of a girl, a CEO, and her family forces her to get married and have a child. But she doesn't want that. To stop her family from pressuring her, she decided to enter into a fake marriage. She meets a warm-hearted boy who is a surgeon. They get married and fall in love with each other but are forced to separate. They meet again after years. The twist is that the girl has a child.

7. Plot Love

Plot Love shows the story of a girl who is falsely accused of plagiarism and is sent abroad. She was a clothing designer and was accused of the same. After seven years, she is back as a successful model agent in the town. She got herself involved with her ex-husband again after not meeting for seven years. She needs his help to find out about his aunt’s sudden suicide.

8. Crush

Crush tells the story of a senior college student who dreams of becoming a broadcaster. She has a crush on a mysterious singer-writer. She meets the boy and knows he can’t see. They developed a bond and started dating. The girl breaks up with the boy suddenly, leaving the boy heartbroken. They meet again after years, and the girl knows the boy can see now.

9. Ex-Wife Stop

Ex-Wife Stop tells the story of a CEO who is forced to get married to a simple and ordinary girl, which he doesn't like the idea of. He hated her very much, and as the time came. He divorces her as soon as possible. But after divorcing her, he doesn’t feel good. He realizes he loves her and tries everything to get her back.

10. My Best Ex-Boyfriend 

My Best Ex-Boyfriend tells the story of a girl and a boy who love each other dearly. They were forced to break up because of their parents. Now they meet after years and have moved on. But their feeling for each other remains in their heart and is still there, and meeting each other after a year made it come up and show.