Article: Top Ten K-Pop Idols With The Prettiest And Most Unique Signatures

Everyone in their life has once dreamt of meeting their favorite K-Pop Idol, shaking their hands and asking them for their autograph! While some idols simply sign their names, others go beyond by adding various scribbles or drawings often associated with them and their fandom, making it even more special and unique. Following is the list of the top ten K-pop Idols who are known for their prepossessing and unique signatures.

1. Park Ji-sung (NCT)

Jisung, the maknae of NCT, has been known for his signatures for over a decade now and he has had quite some variations when it comes to his autograph over the years, from angry bears to smiling suns however, this particular dinosaur surely was one of NCTzens (The name of NCT’s fandom) favorite as it also went viral among the Korean locals and do we blame them?

2. Seulgi (Red Velvet)

Since Seulgi’s representative anime is a bear, her incorporating a bear face in her signature is probably one of the most creative and cutest things she could think of. A perfect symbol for her pleasant and bubbly personality!

3. Handong (Dreamcatcher)

An unspoken rule among the Dreamcatcher fandom is anyone who is a fan of Handong is a fan of Nannan( Handong’s cat), which is why her autograph is a doodle of a cat, which is, in fact, supposed to be Nannan. If you do not like Nannan, you are not allowed in the InSomnia (Dreamcatcher’s fandom).

4. Momo (Twice)

Momo’s autograph remains to be one of the most iconic and unforgettable signatures! Her cute signature, which is supposed to be a slug, looks more like an adorable square cat with a mermaid tail with heart-shaped ears/bun and is just as charming and unique as she is!

5. Taeyeon (Girl’s Generation)

Butterfly is a common symbol when it comes to Tayeon’s performances and she has used this motif for her performances and her concerts in Japan. Thus her love for butterflies is no secret among her fans as she has also incorporated it in her autograph, which is just as classy and elegant as she is!

6. San (Ateez)

While some K-Pop Idols choose to sign their names, San decided to draw his name, such that Choi San translates to “Mountain” in Korean. Hence his signature is a literal scenery consisting of twin peaks with a sun, making it one of the most unique and recognisable autographs just like him and his charisma!

7. New (The Boyz)

New’s inclusion of Patrick from Spongebob in his signature has made the netizens ponder why New did not choose Patrick as his stage name. His choice of character in his signature gave the name New Justice by bringing something fresh and unique to the signature game!

8. Miyeon ((G)I-DLE)

At first glance, her autograph may look like a simple heart with wings, but if you look closely, it is the M and Y used to create a heart for her autograph. There is no doubt why Miyeon is known as the nation's princess; from her persona onstage to her signature everything screams Elegant.

9. Jiung (P1 Harmony)

Another K-idol, who incorporates the use of animals in their signature is Jiung who uses his initials J and U to draw the face of a cat and add whiskers to complete the look!

10. Sungchan (Ex NCT/RIIZE)

While at first glance NCT Sungchan’s autograph might look like a random doodle of a boy winking, he confirmed in a video call fan sign that his name was hidden in his autograph, a brilliant idea indeed. Also, since Sungchan, along with Shotaro, has re-debuted in a new SM boy group, RIIZE, we are yet to see RIIZE Sungchan’s autograph. We can hardly wait!