Article: Best Korean Sitcom Dramas Of All Time

Korean situational comedies, known as sitcoms, are the least discovered but worth trying. Korean sitcoms are one of a kind. They are filled with humor and cultural insight. From funny characters to relatable plots, these series never fail to entertain us and make stomach ache of laughter. Talking about Korean sitcom dramas, they make us laugh as well as you get an insight into their culture. These dramas have been praised and cherished in the genre of television entertainment. Korean sitcom dramas are known for funny characters and the comic timing of the actors who bring their essence to the show. You can binge these dramas in any online streaming platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, etc. so here is a compilation best Korean sitcom dramas of all time.

1. Unicorn

Unicorn is a Korean sitcom drama released in 2022. The drama shows the chaotic struggles of CEO Steve and his crew. The drama is based on the fictional start-up McCom, where they compete against other similar Korean start-ups. Steve is the CEO and the mastermind behind the establishment of the company. On the other hand, Ashley is a part of the innovation team and is the smartest among the employees. Shin Ha Kyun and Won Jin Ah play the leading roles in the drama.

2. So Not Worth It

So Not Worth It was released in 2021. The drama revolves around the daily lives of foreign students who came to Korea for studies, and live together in a dorm. Se Wan is the teaching assistant and in charge of the dorm. Sam grew up in Australia and he is the son of president of tteokbokki global food chain. Jamie is the new student in the dorm. Minnie is from Thailand and lives in a fantasy of Korean dramas. Hyun Min lives far from his college so he sneaks in the dorm to avoid getting tired from the daily commute. Terris is good at studies and is a womanizer. Hans is a nerd and claims to know Korean culture better than anyone else in the dorm. Carson is a dedicated girlfriend who later gets cheated on. Park Se Wan, Shin Hyun Seung, Choi Young Jae, Han Hyun Min, Joakim, Minnie, Terris Brown, and Carson Allen play the leading roles in the drama.

3. Single & Ready To Mingle

Single & Ready to Mingle was released in 2020. The drama revolves around the lives of two best friends. Bong Joo Yi and Ji Yeon Seo are childhood best-friends, who went to the same all-girls middle school and high school, and even same women’s university. As an adult they realized that if they want to fall in love then they have to interact with men. So, they decided to move to Sol House, a co-ed share house where three handsome young men, Woo Seung Bong, Kang Joon Woo, and Ma Hoon lived. Jeong Hyo Jun, Choi Yoo Jung, Kim Do Yeon, Kim Min Chul, Mun Ji Hu, and Jenny play the leading roles in the drama.

4. Hanging On

Hanging On is a Korean sitcom drama that was released in 2020. The drama tells the story of a family. The family is an ordinary family, where they must work hard every day to survive. As the title states, they are just hanging on, not doing anything significant. The drama has ten episodes and each episode are of 30 minutes in duration. Jung Sang Hoon, Lee Hyun Yi, Lee Jin Hyuk, Lee Soo Min, Hong Bi Ro, and Son Se Bin play the leading roles in the drama.

5. Real: Time: Love

Real: Time: Love was released in 2019. The drama tells the story of two friends. Hong Yun and Ye Chan have been friends since an elementary school. They are 28 years old and want to fall in love. Ye Chan loves 20-year-old Ji Hyo. When he confesses to her, he gets rejected as she thinks of him as a friend. On the other hand, Hong Jun broke up with her ninth boyfriend, and is single again. This series has three seasons. Lee Eun Soo, Park Si Young, and Choi Hyun Wook play the leading roles in the drama.

6. The Sound Of Your Heart

The Sound of Your Heart was released in 2016. This sitcom is based on the webtoon of the same name. The drama tells the story of a webtoon artist, Jo Seok, who lives with his parents. The story progresses, showing his daily life with his parents and his girlfriend, Ae Bong. Lee Kwang Soo, Kim Dae Myung, Jung So Min, Kim Byeong Ok, and Kim Mi Kyung play the leading roles in the drama.

7. Shut UP Family

Shut Up Family was released in 2012. The drama tells the story of two families led by two single parents. Woo Family is led by Woo Shin Hye, divorced and lives with her beautiful but unintelligent daughter. They lead a rich lifestyle because of the beauty salon. On the other hand, there is Yeol family, led by the single dad, Yeol Seok Hwan. He lives with his two sons and an intelligent daughter. They are poor but hardworking. Things began to complicate as Shin Hye and Seok Hwan decide to get married. Ahn Suk Hwan, Hwang Shin Hye, Park Ji Yoon, Park Hee Bong, Kim Da Som, Choi Woo Shik, and Lee Bon play the leading roles in the drama.

8. Super Family

Super Family was released in 2017. The drama tells the story of an ordinary family of three. Na Chun II is a 44-year-old man, who works at a big corporation and heads his department. He is married to Maeng Ra Yeon and they have a daughter named Na Ik Hee. The story progresses as he fulfils his roles as a boss, father, and a husband. Park Hyuk Kwon, Park Sun Young, and Kim Ji Min play the leading roles in the drama.

9. Potato Star 2013QR3

Potato Star 2013QR3 was released in 2013. The drama revolves around Hong Hye Sung. Hong Hye Sung is a computer programmer and has a dream of becoming the Mark Zukerberg of Korea. One day, an astronomical phenomenon occurs and weird thing began to happen in the Noh Family and their neighbours. Ha Yeon Soo, Go Kyung Pyo, Yeo Jin Goo, and Jung Joon Won play the leading roles in the drama.

10. Boarding House 24

Boarding House 24 was released in 2014. The drama revolves around a boarding house owner. A boarding house owner got to know that he has an offspring, when his mother was on the deathbed. But she only said that his child is now 24 years old. The owner was determined to locate his child and researched about the children of his past relationship. He then invited six youngsters, three men and three women, to his boarding house to find his real child. Min Do Hee, Ken, Kim Dong Jun, Shantokki, Jo Hyun Young, Yoo Jin Sol, and Lim Hyun Tae played the leading role in the drama.