Article: Top 10 Most Stylish K-Drama Characters

Korean dramas keep the viewers hooked till the end with their engaging plots, fantastic actors, and screenplay. Not just that, k-dramas can also regard as the trendsetters of Korean fashion and style.  Talking about fashion and style, actors not only make their fans swoon, but the character they play does not leave behind in the race. And so, Today, we will provide you with the Top 10 most stylish k-drama characters.

1. Yoon Seri

Son Ye Jin starred as Yoon Seri in the 2019 K-drama Crash Landing On You. The fierce acting and bold character paired with classy and outstanding outfits didn't fail to catch everyone's attention. From simple suits to floral skirts, Yoon Seri pulled everything at her best! She has worn some of the most popular brands like Off-White, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Celine, MiuMiu, and Bottega Veneta.


2. Hong Cha Young

Cha Young was strong, intelligent, and an aggressive lawyer who knew tricks to get her work done and catch everyone's attention with her super-chic style. She pulled off every outfit with incredible confidence and stylish suits and dresses from brands like Bottega Veneta, Max Mara, Tom Browne, and Alexander McQueen. On top of that, her accessories were from Chloé, Fendi, Hyéres-Lor, Tiffany & Co, and Swarovski.


3. Yeo Ha Jin

Moon Ga Young plays the character of Ha Jin, a rising celebrity who eventually becomes the “nation’s dream girl” because of her talent, natural beauty, and style. From vibrant red dresses to soft pastel dresses, every outfit suits her like it's made for her. While pastel colors accentuated her soft and gentle side, a red off-shoulder dress and vibrant purple suits brought out the explosive charisma of Yeo Ha Jin in the drama.


4. Seo Hi Soo

Seo Hi Soo is the character of a rich wife played by Lee Bo Young in the k-drama Mine. Seo Hi Soo wears bold-colored dresses, feminine silhouettes, and floral prints, accentuating her natural beauty and curves. Being a former actress, Hi Soo knows how to play with colors and patterns. She stands out in the show with her wealthy wife's look in the modern and classy patterned dresses and angelic beauty in pastel and beautiful dresses.


5. Seo Dan

Even though she was the second female lead in the k drama, Seo Dan has indeed impacted the viewers with her classy and bossy lady aura. Her outfits varied from chic blazers, and monochrome suits to sexy ruffled skirts printed tops, and sophisticated, and vibrant feminine blouses. Her iconic hair clips were show-stealing elements that added more statement to her beautiful long hair. The brands she wore in the drama were Michael Kors, Cashmere Coat, Chevron, Tibaeg, Alexander McQueen, etc.


6. Ko Moon Young

Apart from the plotline, the fantastic cast and high-class fashion of the leads had the audience hooked till the end of the drama— It's Okay to Not Be Okay drama. Moon Young drew the audience's attention with her over-the-top, vibrant dresses which went more on the minimal and pastel-colored side at the show's end. While some of the outfits accentuated her fierce boss lady looks, others brought out her angelic soft looks, which she pulled off like the star! Some outfits she rocked are Dior Vintage Dress, Fendi Women's Look White Dress, Blazer Black Dress, a Magda Butrym Le-Havre dress, Eenk Robe, MunjiKim Jacket, and Zimmerman Peggy Dress. The accessories that made her outfit stand out were Loewe Obi Belt, Playnomore Micro Candy Bag, and Givenchy GV3 Bag. A good pair of footwear is imperative to any look; she paired her outfits with some classy pairs of heels, including Jimmy Choo Fira 100 Heels, Gianvito Rossi 105 heels, Bottega Veneta Boots,  Prada Heels, and Burberry Scarf-tie heels.


7. Shim Su Ryeon

him Su Ryeon is a beautiful, elegant, and wealthy wife and queen of the Penthouse born in a filthy rich family. She has an impeccable fashion style and never fails to impress with her aesthetic yet sexy outfits.  Her style is relatively more minimalist and sophisticated. She can make other men drool over her even in her most basic outfits. She is like a walking painting throughout the drama. She gives us a sneak peek at the fashion of the rich and high-class Koreans. Her wardrobe is not any less but full of highly fashionable outfits from brands like Max Mara, Christian Louboutin, Dolce & Gabbana, Manolo Blahnik, and many many more big-name brands.


8. Jang Man Wol

Jang Man-Wol, the CEO of ‘Hotel Del Luna, was played by actress and singer, IU.  She loves wearing extravagant outfits worthy of a 1300-year-old hotel CEO. Moreover, Man-Wol likes to have a particular look at every activity that she does. In every episode, she needs several costume changes to suit her selfies. From a Classic Black dress to off white vintage dress she knows how to carry the outfit at her best. Her wardrobe can not be like anything but filled with exquisite outfits that accentuate her personality.


9. Jo Yi Seo

Jo Yi Seo is an elegant, young, ambitious character with a unique fashion sense.  Her fashion style was a funky, rocking type and, she loves to wear rich fabrics like leather, pleated jackets, denim, and oversized jackets.  Her outfits were a mix of vibrant and soft colors, giving her a fierce, bossy look in colors like red, olive green, black, and blue, while soft colors depicted her cute and lovable aide.


10. Dr. Ji Sun Woo

She is the epitome of class, power, and elegance. Her wardrobe was filled up with some classy and exclusive fashion, including coats, shoes, and bags from brands like Hermès, Lanvin, Bottega Venetta, and a lot more.  The female lead pulls off every outfit with confidence and a savage attitude.