Every Kim is from a different family in Korea but now the Korean royalty only lives in paper and genealogy. Korean rule lasted till the Japanese rule in Korea. Some famous celebrities belong to powerful families as distant relatives. Not surprisingly you can guess the Korean celebrities’ royal clan just by the look on their […]

Korean culture is going global now and Korean supermodels are the hottest faces of this new international trend. There’s a lot of scope for modeling in Korea and celebrities to aspirants are taking over the brands. These models work with top photographers to give an Asian finish to the look of magazine covers. These high […]

When celebrities lose fat they are under professional advice for diet plans and also under the considerable public spotlight. Most of these celebs try to get in shape by dancing and the result is a lot of weight loss. Most people try to follow their diet plans and these celebs also cut down weight, especially […]

These couples might look like the perfect K drama chemistry to the media but they do not have a happily ever after. They might secretly get registered in the Seoul court as official husband and wife but their story may not have a fairytale. Some celebrities are also depressed in broken love tragedy which might […]

A sad movie becomes sadder if one of the main characters dies. Sometimes we wish that a miracle happen and save the character and sometimes we wish for the character to die as soon as possible to end the pain. But writer being a writer, loves to kill our beloved characters. We bring you a […]

Fantasy and mythology have affected or influenced the creation of a large number of movies around the world. Mythology is one enthralling talking point that frees the employed mind and takes one to a preternatural land that is not only stimulating but also dreamy. The Korean Film Industry has its take on this sector of […]

The South Korean industry is booming worldwide with its films, dramas, Korean pop, and handsome and stylish Korean actors. Many audiences are head over heels for these Korean actors. They have gained popularity with their looks and through their excellent acting skills. Given are some legendary Korean actors who are famous for their looks and […]

There was once a discussion regarding having idol actors within the world of Korean dramas. The general public assumes and thinks that although idols have been acting their way, it takes various levels of intensity to express the right and proper emotions for the scenes as actors in Korean dramas. That is why some Korean […]

Although Seoul, the country’s capital, will have more English speakers in the key tourist locations, English is not particularly widely spoken in South Korea overall. Short version: For Koreans used to two distinct sorts of expressions, high and low, English is a very un-Korean and unpleasant language. Perhaps because of this, two Koreans from different […]

These top Hallyu performers, from Rain and Kim Tae Hee to Son Ye-jin, have been growing their real estate portfolio with buildings in prestigious neighbourhoods bearing their names. Korean celebrities have also been making news with their real estate acquisitions in South Korea, so it’s not just the property market in Singapore that’s hotting up. […]