If today you hear the name South Korea probably the first thing to hit your mind would be their dramas and movies. Today there would hardly be anyone who won’t love watching it. There have been many remakes of it in other countries’ movie industries. Such is the recognition they have made in this niche. […]

Korea has quite strict beauty standards. Society tends to judge the worth of people by leveraging the symmetry of their faces instead of their skill sets. Unfortunately, when it comes to celebrities, the judgment is often exponentially increased. However, breaking apart from those barriers are some actors whose facial features are the most unique and do […]

Korean actors have become increasingly popular worldwide for their exceptional acting skills and unique charm. These actors are part of the thriving Korean entertainment industry, which has gained global recognition recently. They have gained a reputation for their intense dedication and commitment to their craft, often immersing themselves in their characters’ roles to deliver outstanding […]

Every country has its own history. And time and again it has been revisited and documented through various books movies and dramas. In Korean history as well the most depicted is the Joseon era. It was an age of kings and queens, a time when Korea was ruled by kings and princes. Today, we have […]

Who doesn’t like the adrenaline rush on their face? When it comes to the thriller and suspense genre, it is not only about the subtle plots but the direction, screenplay, and a lot more. Suspense thriller dramas come wrapped in layers of mysteries which also increase the heartbeats of the viewers. South Korea has one […]

In recent years, Korean actors and actresses have transformed the entertainment industry with their exceptional talent, hard work, and adaptability. They have become popular in Korean Industry as well as in Hollywood, where they have delivered outstanding performances and impressed audiences worldwide. Moreover, their success has not only introduced Korean culture to a global audience […]

Ellen DeGeneres show is an ideal blend of celebrity interviews, musical performers, audience participation rounds, and segments emphasizing real people with remarkable stories and talents. It was hosted by Emmy Award-winning comedian, writer, best-selling author, actor, and television pioneer Ellen DeGeneres. “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” creates a fun and unpredictable alternative to daytime television and […]

South Korean movies are becoming a rage, getting global recognition because of their story, action, emotions, and cinematography. They are a treat to watch in all genres. They not only offer a unique script but it’s also backed by the strong acting acumen of the actors. Today south Korean movies are a hit and widely […]

Because of its distinctive fusion of traditional and modern fashion, Korean fashion has recently become more widely recognized globally. Korean style has emerged as a global trendsetter, from the streets of Seoul to the Paris catwalks. Here are the top 10 Korean fashion trends to watch this year to enhance your wardrobe with Korean fashion […]

Korean celebrities always look effortlessly good, but the truth is that they work and sacrifice a lot to keep up with their appearance. When it comes to weight loss, there are no shortcuts- exercise and a proper diet are necessary. Here is a list of ten Korean Celebrities who lost weight and changed their looks. […]