Article: Best Business-Centric Korean Dramas Of All Time

Korean dramas provide a wide range of genres that have their unique fanbase. But there is something about the business-centric Korean drama that stands out and is equally loved by the audience. The concept of business and entrepreneurship always fascinate Korean drama fans. These dramas show the backstage of a successful business. From the struggles and failures to the final success of the business, the story of the protagonist always inspires the audience. Through these dramas, we also get to witness an insight on the connection of the business world with the Korean culture. So, here is a compilation of the best business-centric Korean dramas of all time.

1. Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class was released in 2020. The drama tells the story of a man who wants to restart his life. Park Sae Royi’s father was killed in an accident. He then attempted to kill Jang Geun Won and was jailed for the same. After being released from the jail, he opened a bar-restaurant, Dan Bam, in Itaewon. He wanted to expand the franchise and defeat CEO Jang’s food company as revenge. But he is not as bright when it comes to business so, Jo Yi Seo helps him to set up the business. Park Seo Jun, Kim Da Mi, Yoo Jae Myung, and Kwon Nara play the leading roles in the drama.

2. Reborn Rich

Reborn Rich was released in 2022. The drama tells the story of a man and his journey towards truth and justice. Yoon Hyun Woo is a hardworking secretary of Soonyang Family who is wealthy and run the Soonyang Group. When the war for power was high within the family, Hyun Woo was killed by an unknown member of the chaebol family. He then mysteriously wakes up in the youngest member of the family, Jin Do Jun. After realizing the situation, he began to find the culprit behind his death and bring justice. The story progresses as he seeks revenge by inheriting the company. Song Joong Ki, Lee Sung Min, and Shin Hyun Been play the leading roles in the drama.

3. Gaus Electronics

Gaus Electronics was released in 2022. The drama revolves around the marketing team of Gaus Electronics. Marketing Team 3 of the home appliance department of Gaus Electronics consists of ten employees. The team has Lee Sang Sik who often misjudges his coworker’s mood causing chaos in the office. Cha Na Rae is a competent and hot-tempered assistant manager of the team. The team also has Baek Ma Tan, who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and is the son of Gaus Electronics’ rival company Power Group. On the other hand, Geon Gang Mi comes from a humble background and is hardworking. Kwak Dong Yeon, Go Sung Hee, Bae Hyun Sung, and Kang Min Ah play the leading roles in the drama.

4. Search: WWW

Search: WWW was released in 2019. The drama revolves around three ambitious women. Bae Ta Mi joined Barro after she was fired from its rival company, Unicon, over an issue and wanted Barro to be more popular than Unicon. She is hardworking and has no time for dating. Cha Hyeon is the social director at Barro. She looks tough from the outside but has a soft heart. Song Ga Kyeong is the director of Unicon. She was once on good-terms with Bae Ta Mi but their relationship turned sour after an issue in the management. Lim Soo Jung, Lee Da Hee, Jeon Hye Jin, Jang Ki Young, Lee Jae Wook, and Ji Seung Hyun play the leading roles in the drama.

5. Queenmaker

Queenmaker was released in 2023. The drama tells the story of two ambitious women. Hwan Do Hee is a hardworking career woman and is a President Identity consultant at Eunsung Group, and she is the best in this field. She analyzes appearance, voice tones, habits, etc., and perfectly presents the Eunsug Group’s family. Oh Kyung Sook is a labor rights lawyer, the president of the Women’s Worker Association, Korean Women’s Human Rights Wave, and the leader of the Worker’s Solidarity with Rights Foundation. She gives off the lady boss energy. With the help of Hwang Do Hee, she becomes interested in becoming the mayor of Seoul. Kim Hee Ae and Moon So Ri play leading roles in the drama.

6. Agency

Agency was released in 2023. The drama tells the story of Go A In. Go A In is an ambitious and determined woman. She came from a poor family and graduated from a not-so-prestigious university. But she had a strong desire for success. She joined an advertising company and rose to a higher position because of her determination and hard work. Lee Bo Young, Jo Sung Ha, Son Na Eum, and Han Joon Woo play the leading roles in the drama.

7. Start-Up

Start-Up was released in 2020. As the title suggests, the drama is about start-ups. Seo Dal Mi is a girl who is unsatisfied with her everyday life and wants to achieve bis. She did not have much on her plate but was full of enthusiasm and passion. On the other hand, there is Nam Do San, who is the pride of his family and founder of Sam San Tech. The tech company is on the verge of collapsing. The story progresses as they build the company together and fall in love. Bae Suzy, Nam Joo Hyuk, Kim Seon Ho, and Kang Han Na play the leading roles in the drama.

8. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim was released in 2018. This drama is popular to date, and k drama lovers still go for seconds. The drama is an office romance between Lee Young Joon and Kim Mi So. Lee Young Joon is a charismatic and self-obsessed company’s CEO. Kim Mi So is a capable and patient secretary who calmly deals with the demands of the CEO. One day, Mi So resigns from nine years of her job to focus on herself. This decision is followed by chaos. Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon play the leading roles in the drama.

9. Her Private Life

Her Private Life was released in 2019 and is the most loved k drama among fans. The story revolves around Sung Deok Mi and Ryan Gold. Sung Deok Mi is a curator in an art gallery. She wholeheartedly works for the betterment of the gallery. Besides being a curator, she is also a fangirl of Cha Shi An and runs a fan account. But she wants to keep this a secret from the world. Then Ryan Gold became the new director and caused chaos in her life. The story progresses as there is a war for power in the art gallery, and Ryan and Deok Mi fall in love with each other. Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook Play the leading roles in the dramas.

10. Good Manager

Good Manager was released in 2017. The drama tells the story of the transition of an evil man to a good one. Kim Sung Ryon worked as an accountant in Gunsan, for a mobster. He was always in problem with the law for fraud and tax evasion. However, he made his way into TQ Group as a middle manager to embezzle money from the company. But he ended up fighting for his employees’ fundamental rights. Namkoong Min, Nam Sang Mi, Lee Jun Ho, and Jung Hye Sung play the leading roles in the drama.