Article: Top 10 Thai Dramas Featuring Resilient Female Protagonists

Thai series are increasingly praised for portraying strong female protagonists who resist traditional norms and tend to inspire the viewers with their courage and determination. Now, Thai series have come a long way, which offers a variety of options for the viewers to choose what type of genre or characters they wish to see. Among these, the portrayal of solid female characters is one of them. Many Thai dramas have depicted females as strong and resilient characters, which we will explore in this article. As they face a variety of challenges, these characters exhibit persistent bravery, humor, and a willingness to fight for their conviction and beliefs. If you want an empowering Thai series of strong and resilient female protagonists, this list is for you.

1. Rivalry

Rivalry is a narrative that revolves around the constant rivalry between two named families in the corporate world i.e., Empire Group and T Group. The rivalry began with the elder generation and has continued to the young age, i.e. with Milan and Anawin as the primary Protagonists. Anawin is a strong and competitive girl who is ready to lead her family business. Milan’s father remarried and gave the position of CEO to his new wife, which made Milan very angry. However, as their family and personal conflict continue, Anawin and Milan decide to cooperate, and while doing so, an unexpected chemistry starts to develop between them.

2. My Lovely Bodyguard

My Lovely Bodyguard explores the story of Saraphi, a stuntwoman and martial arts expert currently unemployed. However, one day, Saraphi becomes the bodyguard of Thewan and his nephew. Thewan's nephew needs to be safeguarded from those who are behind his fortune. As Thewan and Saraphi work together to protect Thewan's nephew, they discover themselves developing feelings for each other. The series portrays Saraphi as a resilient female protagonist who has to fight against all the challenges on her way to keep her loved ones safe.

3. A Tale Of Ylang Ylang

A Tale of Ylang Ylang revolves around Sroisabunnga who is proud of her ancestry and blood as she was born into an aristocratic family. However, because Sroisabunnga's father was accused of being a rebel before when he was alive, Sroisabunnga tries to restore the name and reputation of her family by using her ambition and diligence. Now, while doing so, Sroisabunnga has to come across many misunderstandings and challenges between herself, her family, and others.

4. Poisonous Passion

Parichat gets pregnant by a man named Trin who is already married. Trin leaves Parichat, and she is told to abort the baby. After being abandoned, Parichat decides to commit suicide until her sister and brother-in-law arrive and help her plan to take revenge on Trin. Parichat goes abroad to study for some time before executing her plan. After returning from abroad, Parichat begins her revenge plan. Payu, the cousin of Trin's wife, tries to keep Parichit away from family to safeguard them.

5. Are We Right?

The story revolves around Carat, a successful businesswoman who holds more authority in her hand as compared to her husband, Chakrit. Carat finds out that Chakrit has been cheating on her with his secretary, after which Carat instantly asks him for a divorce. However, Chakrit declined and continued to fight with Carat. At that point, Carat meets Ai, a fourth-year student who supports her through her difficult times. Despite the 20 years of age gap between them, Ai begins to develop feelings for Carat.

6. My Sweet Assassin

My Sweet Assassin tells the tale of a cold-blooded woman who works for the mafia as a killer i.e., Duangjan. One day, Duangjan fails one of her missions, so she ends up falling off a cliff. Luckily, she gets saved by Atirju, the head of the national park, but she loses her memories. After this, a cold-blooded and brutal killer Duangjan changes into a sweet and cheerful girl with a new name Chao Chao, and a fake husband, Atirju.

7. Help Me! Oh My Ghost

Muthita is a charming woman who works as a social influencer. Muthita is engaged to a wealthy and handsome man named Katkhun. One day, unknowingly, they meet Aron, the ghost of a recently deceased man with whom they unintentionally become friends. Aron must return to his wife and daughter. However, in the meantime, Aron must assist other spirits who cannot move on and advise Muthita regarding her love life being her guardian.

8. Deceitful Love

Deceitful Love is a 2020 series that portrays the story of Pitcha, a modern and confident CEO married to a Playboy. Pitcha, realizing her husband won't stop cheating, decides to file for divorce. The situation brings her to contact Ramin, a childhood friend who is a lawyer now. The two help each other to overcome the struggles and pain they have gone through in their past relationships. Ramin and Pitcha develop feelings for each other. However, their last experiences threaten them, but they must overcome them to find true love and happiness together.

9. The Last Promise

The Last Promise depicts the story of a wise and strong woman and mother named Ornrapee, who was pregnant when she lost her husband. Ornrapee is left to raise her son on her own. The son grows to hate his father, but Orn loves him profoundly and feels strongly that one day, he might return to her. After many years, her desire comes true when she meets Thichong, who looks the same as Orn's husband and is around her son’s age. After the meeting, the two revive their love despite the age gap, but danger roams in the shadow from the past of Orn and Thichong that will intrigue you while watching.

10. Lipgloss Spy

Lipgloss Spy portrays the story of the clumsy Baralee who aspires to be a spy after she gets bored of her daily profession, i.e. a makeup artist. Baralee has a friend who assists her to apply to become a spy. With her makeup bag, Baralee can go through and handle any situation. Baralee meets her ideal man with flawless skin, and now, she wants to win through his heart.