Article: Top 10 Famous Thai Celebrity Couples

Celebrities play a lot of shows and movies throughout their careers and play as different characters. They appear with a lot of other actors and sometimes also play the role of an on-screen couple. Sometimes actors connect with each other and turn into real-life couples. It has happened a lot of times in the Thai industry that couples fall in love in real life and are loved immensely by the audience. And some of these couples have not appeared on-screen together but fell in love being part of the same work environment.

1. Nadech Kugimiya And Yaya Urassaya

This couple can be considered the most popular and loved couple in the Thai industry. They were first seen together in a 2010 drama named Duang Jai Akkanee and fans loved their on-screen chemistry. After that, they appeared together in some other dramas as well. They have been in a relationship for nine long years.


2. Mark Prin And Kimmy Kimberley Anne Woltemas

Mark Prim and Kimberly Anne met at the sets of the drama3 Noom Nuer Tong which came in 2011. Their dating rumors started soon after the drama as they were seen together from time to time. Later their relationship was confirmed and they post a lot of pictures together which are loved by fans. It has been seven years since they are dating.


3. Weir Sukollawat And Bella Ranee Campen

Next up is another admired couple Weir Sukollawt and Bella Ranee Campen who came together in a 2012 movie Fatherland and got together after the movie. They have been together for the last seven years and are happy together.


4. Dj Push Puttichai And Jooy Warattaya

Dj Push Puttichai and Jooy Warattaya are both popular actors and have appeared in a large number of popular shows. They both got married in the year 2018 and posts a lot of pictures together. They were also seen twinning a couple of times. The show that got them together was Fun Feung which came in 2014.


5. Dan Worrawech And Pattie Ungsumalynn

Dan Wrrawech is a 1984 born singer and Pattie is a film actress who has been part of a lot of famous movies. They met on the sets of a 2009 drama, Sai Lub the Series and after dating for a few times they got married in the same year. The couple lives happily together.


6. Brook Danuporn And Kob Suvanant

Both of these people are amazing actors, who met in 1998 while working together in a drama named Luk Tran Loy Kaew. They dated for a few years and then got married in 2009. The couple is now parents to a son and daughter. This cute family is admired widely by the audience.


7. Napat Injaiuea And Marie Broenner

This beautiful couple first met on the sets of Luk Krung, a 2019 drama, and soon after that, they revealed that they are dating. Fans got really happy after knowing that this incredible on-screen couple has turned into a real-life couple.


8. New Wongsakorn And Now Tisanart

They both are actors by profession and met on the set of the 2016 drama, Sarp Dok Sio in which they came as a couple. They are in a relationship starting that year. In a TV Show, the actors revealed to the audience that how they initially connected with each other and started dating.


9. Ter Chantavit And Mai Davika

This 1983 born actor and 1993 born actress has worked in some popular shows and has played their character perfectly. They started their relationship after working together as a couple in a 2017 romance drama named Chai Mai Jing Ying Tae. Their dating rumors started and soon they were confirmed by the couple.


10. Kwang Kamolchanok And Nott Nuti

Another special couple of Kwang Kamolchanok and Nott Nuti, who have worked in a lot of popular and fantastic shows. This couple met on the sets of the TV drama named Ya Ti Ka in the year 1996. They got married in 2000 and are parents to two beautiful children.