Article: Top 10 Thai Dramas Available On YouTube With English Subtitles

Thai series have gained immense worldwide popularity, not only for their fascinating narrative but also because of their ability to enchant international audiences. Thanks to mediums like YouTube, these dramas have become readily available to audiences, even for viewers who cannot understand Thai, as they provide English subtitles. In this list, we will explore the top 10 Thai dramas you can enjoy and access on YouTube with English subtitles. This series offers a wide range of genres, from comedy to sad, romance to action, and also provides a gateway to the vibrant realm of Thai entertainment, where character development and storytelling are significant. So, if you are looking for free Thai dramas with English subtitles, YouTube is always there.

1. Oh! My Boss

The story revolves around Noomnim, who decides to celebrate the joy of getting a stable job after many struggles with her friends. Noomnim encounters a charming man at the bar with whom she had a one-night stand, not realizing that he is Akatsuki Koji, her new boss. Luckily, Akatsuki does not remember Noomnim and whatever happened that day. However, when he appoints Noomnim as his assistant, Noomnim starts to wonder if he is interested in her or if he casually flirts with everyone. It is a 2021 series available on YouTube with English subtitles.

2. Astrophile

Astrophile is a series that portrays the story of Nubdao, the female host of Wish You Were Home, a program about home shopping. Nubdao is a hardworking and competitive person. However, she struggles with her daily life, where she is not getting paid enough and gets sexually harassed at work. One day, Nubdao meets her junior from the university, i.e. Kimhan. For Kimhan, meeting Nubdao was his chance to get acknowledged by Nubdao for work, but Nubdao seemed not to remember him. However, after Kimhan joins the marketing team where Nubdao works, the two grow close and develop feelings for each other.

3. Love In Twilight

The tribe's secret is the spirit of Suea Phaya or the Tiger King. When beckoned, the moon will turn red, and anyone who inherits the spirit of Suea Phaya will transform into a tiger to guard the wild animals and forest. Sama was born on the night of the red moon, and it cursed him. At night, he would go to kill people and rampage. Many attempts were made to break the curse, but they failed. However, one day, they find a cure to break the curse, and you will watch it in the following series.

4. My Lovely Bodyguard

Saraphi is an unemployed stuntwoman who retains extraordinary and robust martial arts skills. To earn the money and pay her debts, she intentionally becomes the bodyguard of Thewan and his nephew. She then begins to learn and understand from Thewan about those trying to get their hands on his nephew's wealth. While working together to protect Thewan's nephew, Thewan and Saraphi grow close and fall in love. It is a 2022 series that you can access on YouTube easily.

5. Flash Marriage

Lalin will soon inherit her father's company. However, before that, Lalin must marry and prove to her family that she is worthy and capable of being the heir. Lalin once went out for drinking and ended up having a one-night stand with Pokpong, a guy she met at her friend’s bachelorette party. Lalin decides to make Pokpong her contractual husband, but after a few months, the two begin to grow feelings for each other.

6. My Dear Donovan

Donovan is an American model who is searching for a girl i.e., Pam with whom he lost contact. Pam teaches kindergarten and has to pay for her grandfather’s costly operation, who is unwell. To raise money for her grandfather’s operation, Pam works at Palee Modelling company, where she has to work as an interpreter and personal assistant for Donovan. Soon, the two became involved in personal and work affairs and grew close to each other.

7. Angel Beside Me

Lin is a poor girl who has tried to kill herself and intends to end her life. She nearly killed herself, but then she stopped as she was startled by a loud bang that broke through ceiling of her room. It was then that she discovered Michael Lansaladon, an angel who had fallen from heaven after witnessing Lin trying to end her life. This angel helps Lin overcome her pain and accompanies her to feel and live a better life. It is a 2020 series that is readily available on YouTube.

8. Switch On

Better world is a well-known video game created by Nisa's father, who devoted his life to making the world’s best video game. In contrast, Nisa has no interest in video games and chose her path of becoming a successful surgeon. However, one day, Nisa discovers that her father has unknowingly disappeared, and to find him, Nisa must travel the world of video games. While doing so, Nisa crosses paths with Akin, a peculiar hero who realizes that Nisa does not belong to this world, and he begins to follow her into the real world.

9. Wanthong

Wanthong is a charming young lady who takes a stand to defend her honor and gets involved with two young men. Wanthong gets judged and cursed by the people of her village for creating a love triangle. Wanthong is unable to choose and decide her husband among the two men. Wanthong cannot determine her husband because of the two men- one treated her like an object, the other she loved but wasn't a one-girl kind of man.

10. My Queen

My Queen follows the story of Pad, a 37-year-old successful woman leading the business to the forefront of its sector. Pad puts all her efforts into her work and does not consider having a boyfriend. In the past, Pad was about to get married to a guy named Non, a well-known documentary photographer. However, Non does not show up for the wedding, and the wedding fails, which makes Pad never love anyone. One day, Pad meets a 25-year-old boy named Thaen, who has the same story as Pad. Thaen begins to work as an assistant to Pad, and eventually, the two grow close and fall in love.