Article: Top 10 Best Thai Dramas In 2021

Asian dramas have made their own space in the Television world. You might have heard of Asian dramas streaming on Netflix. This chart-topping streaming site has now begun to produce its Asian dramas after acknowledging their popularity. This article, however, is about dramas from Thailand. What makes Thai dramas different from any other Asian dramas is their accepting nature. Thai dramas have the most BL dramas as compared to any other country. They believe in gender fluidity, and the discrimination between genders has been rarely seen on screen. Here are the Top 10 Thai Dramas to watch or wait for in 2021:

1. Praomook  - Episodes - 14

It is a hate-to-love romantic drama about Praomook, who works at a club to earn her income. Chalunthorn, the male lead, forms a negative opinion of Praomook due to her job, which leads to many misunderstandings between them. They get married due to superstitious family members who believe this marriage will ward off bad luck. Praomook marries Chalunthorn to get back at him, but, of course, they end up falling in love. There is also the usual second female lead drama and a revenge subplot between the hero and villain to make the story more interesting. It is addictive and has everything you expect from a Thai drama and more.


2. Oh My Boss - Episodes - 14

Oh! My Boss is an office romance drama. The heroine, Noomnim, has just gotten her first job; she celebrates with her friends at a club and meets the hero, Akitsuki Koji. They have a one-night stand, and she later realizes that he is her boss and the CEO of the company she will be working at.

She hopes he does not recognize her. he also seems like he cannot remember her, but then he hires her as his secretary. The latter episodes follow their journey as they develop from total strangers to a sweet couple. The acting might seem a little off, but this is the male actor's first drama, and he is handsome, so it somehow works.


3. The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog - Episodes - 26

This series is also a hate-to-love romantic drama with a cold and cruel hero and sweet heroine. Lookpat, the female lead, is a smart woman who lives in Chuen Chiva. She and her family own a resort business that is on its last legs. But, it is the only source of income for the people in her town.

The male protagonist, Kin, is the owner of a real estate company and is also the one who owns the mortgage of Lookpat’s resort. Lookpat has made up a legend to promote her resort, saying that you will be together forever if you spot a frog with your partner near the resort. Kin wants to build a luxury resort on this land and comes to the town.

He somehow ends up losing his memory and stays with Lookpat and her family. They fall in love, but as Kin regains his memories, he denies their relationship. The story further develops how Kin gets over his anger towards Lookpat and changes his cruel and careless personality after meeting the heroine.

The acting was appreciative, and the music is OST is also straightforward on the ears. The only problem is the overused and cliché plot, but anything is possible in romantic dramas.


4. Wayra Akart - Episodes - 28

Unlike the other recommendations, this Thai drama has a plot that revolves around revenge. It tells the story of the hero, Ruang, who has been bullied and has had a challenging life. Due to this, he kills his master. He also kills the father and brother of Nakorn to gain their properties.

Nakorn starts an investigation against him to get revenge but later, he meets Mukda, the adopted daughter of Ruang. The series develops further on Nakorn’s turmoil to take revenge or not.


5. Let’s Fight Ghost 2021 - Episodes - 16

The popular webtoon, Let's Fight Ghost inspired this series. This series revolves around a boy who can see and exorcises ghosts and a school-girl spirit who somehow lives together after a fight. This webtoon has had a previous Korean remake too.


6. Mae Krua Kon Mai - Episodes - 26

This drama is a story of a girl whose parents arrange her marriage to a handsome guy. She has difficulty trusting her parent's choice and disguises herself as an ugly cook in her future husband's home. The hero, however, begins to suspect her, and they end up falling in love with each other.


7. Tukta - Episodes - 17

The series is of the horror genre with splashes of romance. It revolves around Buarana, whose mother buys her a new doll. She begins to spend an unnatural amount of her time with it. Her mother noticed this change and several other paranormal incidents and decided to throw away the doll, but it always comes back.


8. Duan Jai Nai Montra - Episodes -16

Duan Jai Nai Montra is a fantasy romance series about Pachara, cursed by his lover to become an immortal without heart. He then meets Praoploy, who resembles his ex-lover very much. He begins to hate her due to this resemblance. The story develops further when he finds himself getting feelings for Praoploy without thinking.


9. Kaew Lerm Korn - Episodes - 12

This series is a historical drama in which twins get separated at birth. One twin lives in luxury, while the other suffers. Kaew lives with her cruel mother and sister in poverty, while Chidchanok lives in France. She decides to travel to Thailand, and they both meet. The story revolves around them trying to take revenge on their uncle, who separated them.


10. F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers

It is an upcoming drama that is yet to be released. This drama is for all the manga fans, Hana Yori Dongo or Boys Over Flowers. This manga has had its drama adaptation in Korea, China, and Japan as Boys Over Flowers, Meteor Garden, and Hana Yori Dongo. 2021 is the year Thailand releases this much-awaited adaptation.