Article: Top 10 Thai Romantic Dramas And Movies Available In OTT Platforms

The entertainment industry of Thailand is also catching up the pace with time. Many dramas, movies, and songs of Thailand are gaining popularity worldwide, making the movies and dramas popular among people day by day.

1. Teacher’s Diary (2014)

Teacher’s Diary is a romantic drama about two lonely teachers. They were both assigned to the same rural school where there was no electricity, no tap water, and no phone connection but at different times. The girl was appointed the school first wrote her thoughts in a diary. The male teacher was an unemployed wrestler who founds her journal named Ann, who transferred to another school. He falls in love with Ann and leaves his thoughts on the diary. After some time, he went, and Ann returned, founding some ideas added to her diary, thus making her also fall in love with him. It is a classic romantic love story between two people who belong to two different worlds.


2. Timeline (2014)

Timeline is a Thai comedy-romantic drama. It is an overwhelming movie about love. Tan, the protagonist, raised by his overprotective mother, moves to Bangkok for college. He meets another girl named June, and he falls in love with her. June has a different way of thinking and has a whole different perspective of the world than Tan. Later, June met an accident, and she dies. Tan is left disheartened. He then decides to live her dream, traveling the whole world.


3. A Little Thing Called Love (2010)

A LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE (2010) is a Thai romantic-comedy movie. It is a movie where the girl of 14 years falls in love with her senior, tries to seek his attention. It is a Rom-Com in its best and purest form. Though there is a setback of this movie that the movie revolves around a theme where a girl is only beautiful if she has light skin color, in the end, they make up for it.


4. Pee Mak (2013)

PEE MAK (2013) is a story of a soldier who returns from war to meet his wife and baby. He befriends 3 of his friend soldiers to his house. It said rumored in the village that Mak’s wife became a ghost, from which the whole town is terrified. It is a movie based on Thai folklore.


5. Hello, Stranger (2010)

Hello, Stranger (2010) is a movie about a couple who met in South Korea while on vacation. They then decide to tour together without exchanging their names, and in the end, they end up falling in love with each other. It is a Thai folklore-based movie.


6. Season Change (2006)

SEASONS CHANGE (2006) is a Thai romantic-comedy movie. This movie revolves around three different characters. The male character attends the porn without telling the lead parents because of the girl he has loved for three years; he meets a girl who then becomes his best friend in the school. Eventually, he gets forced to choose between his crush for three years and his best friend.


7. Dear Dakanda (2005)

DEAR DAKANDA (2005) is a romantic Thai movie in which the male character is a shy art student who falls in love with his classmate. Because he is nervous, he cannot express what he feels to her. After graduation, he moves away without telling her how he truly feels for her.


8. Bangkok Traffic Love Story (2009)

BANGKOK TRAFFIC LOVE STORY (2009) is a Thai Rom-Com released in October 2009. The film revolves around a grown-up woman of thirty years and her last friend, who is unmarried. She feels desperate around him.


9. Hormones (2008)

Hormones (2008) is a Thai romantic comedy film. It is a four-part story about high school and college love. It revolves around high school and college students where two boys are busy chasing a girl for her phone number, and one boy is planning a surprise for his crush.


10. ATM: Er Rak Error (2012)

ATM: ER RAK ERROR (2012) is a Thai language romantic-comedy film. After the release, it became the highest-grossing film of Thailand of all time. The film revolves around a couple who work in a bank and have been dating for five years. The male character fears losing his job and ending their relationship, he then chooses to propose to her for marriage, but things do not go as planned.