Article: 10 Korean Celebrities Who Belong To The Gay Community

Most Korean celebrity idols have stereotypically masculine or feminine characteristics, although slowly evolving to a more inclusive image. In the K-pop scene, being openly LGBTQ+ may still be challenging. More celebrities are defying gender stereotypes by adopting androgynous looks or publicly embracing their LGBTQ+ status. Here is the list of some star Idols that belong to the gay community.

10. Kwon Do-woon, A Trot Star

According to Yahoo! News, Korean trot singer Kwon Do-Woon helped set the path as the first prominent Korean star to come out on his terms in 20 years. He told Yonhap News that he has known about his sexual identity since he was seven years. He feels "grateful and rejuvenated" after coming out, comparing the feeling to finally being able to breathe after years. He also expressed his desire to assist individuals in the entertainment field who are afraid to come out.


9. Hansol Of Topp Dogg

Hansol has revealed that he is both asexual and romantic. He's been outspoken about his identity and how it feels to be a homosexual in South Korea since then. Hansol claimed in an Instagram post regarding his sexuality, "He is not attracted to the opposing sex, but he is also not attracted to the same sex." He said that he has never bothered to date and that he despises sex.


8. B.Nish Of D.I.P

B.Nish, who was born in 1995, came out to his followers as gay. He made his connection with one of D.I.P's, members, Seungho, public. It's uncommon for K-pop idols to have a public relationship with a same-sex idol, but Seungho and B.Nish, both members of the K-pop group D.I.P, have stated that they've been dating for years, dating back to their debut in 2016.


7. Seungho Of D.I.P 

Seungho was born in 1991 and debuted as the lead vocalist in the DIP group in November 2016. However, in the face of intense competition from Kbiz, the trio did not flourish and faded into obscurity. Seungho and B.Nish, both members of D.I.P, are in a public relationship. On Instagram Live, the two revealed their relationship and are highly upfront about their sexuality.


6. Aquinas (Kang Min Soo)

Aquinas, the hero of High School Rapper 3, has stated that he is bisexual. He, like Jiae, opted to come out on Instagram, displaying a stylized rainbow flag with the English and Korean phrases "I'm bisexual."


5. G-Dragon

Everyone wonders what G-Dragon might look like as a woman.  He happily appeared with gorgeous curls and luxury clothing in an androgynous picture session with the Vogue, where he openly answered their questions. He's not only one of the first idols to publicly wear rainbow-coloured nail paint, but he also has a gender flexible style. The majority of people believe G-Dragon is gay because of his attire. His sexuality has been the subject of rumours, and he still needs to confirm. The fans are anticipating his arrival and are prepared to embrace him as he is.


4. Ren

Ren from NU'EST is stunning both as a man and a woman. In a Chinese advertisement, he wore a skirt and blouse, as well as his long, thick hair, to break down borders. He is also the only member of NU'EST that does nail art, claiming that he likes fashionable items. So, because Ren has been wearing women's clothing recently, it's up to you to believe in his gender.


3. Amber Liu

Amber Liu's androgynous look made her stand out in the K-pop group F(x). While her tomboyish appearance set her apart, being herself wasn't always easy. Amber said in an interview with KpopStarz that she was often harassed as a youngster because of the way she looked. She learned not to judge individuals based on their appearances as a result of the event. She realised that everyone has their unique charm as a result of accepting her own self.



MRSHLL was the first openly homosexual artist in K-pop. In an interview with Time Out magazine in 2015, he boldly came out as gay. In the conservative K-pop business, his friends told him that the move would be social death. Despite the advice of his homosexual Korean friends to stay in the closet, he opted to come out as a means to be his real self.


1. Holland

Holland is one of the K-pop industry's few openly homosexual idols. His reputation as an LGBTQ+ role model was boosted by the success of his album "Neverland." Holland said that he initially informed his friends about his sexuality when he was a youngster but he didn't tell his parents until he made his idol debut in 2018. The 24-year-old musician has also stated that he was tormented due to his sexuality in school.