Article: Top 10 Highest-Grossing Films In China

Films are a quite popular form of entertainment be it any age or people from all over the world. There is a lot of money, time, and effort which is invested in making these films quite appealing and fascinating to people. Even though many films are released every year, only a few of these get to become box-office successes. The top ten highest- grossing films in China are.

1. A Little Red Flower

A Little Red Flower is a Chinese romantic film released in 2020 and directed by Han Yan. The story is about Wei Yihang, a teenager who is in remission following a brain tumor operation and Ma Xiaoyuan, a fellow patient. It grossed $216 million and was 2020’s highest-grossing-films.

2. The Wandering Earth

The Wandering Earth is a Chinese science fiction film released in 2019 and directed by Frant Gwo. It stars Li Guangjie, Qu Jingjing, Zhao Jinmai, Qu Chuxiao, Ng Man-tat, and Wu Jing. The story is set in the far future, following a group of astronauts and rescuing workers while guiding The Earth away from an expanding Sun. The film is the fifth highest-grossing Chinese film, having grossed $701 million worldwide.

3. Hi, Mom

Hi, Mom is a Chinese comedy film released in 2021 and directed by Jia Ling. It stars Chen He, Jia Ling, Zhang Xiaofei, and Shen Teng. The film focuses on themes like maternal love and familial love. The story is about a woman who travels back in time to befriend her mother. The film grossed $848 million, becoming 2021s third-highest- grossing film.

4. My People My Country

My people, my country is a Chinese anthology film which consists of seven short stories which are directed by seven different directors. It is based on seven different moments since the founding of The People's Republic of China. This film made a whopping $425 million at the box office records.

5. Wolf Warrior 2

Wolf Warrior 2 is a Chinese action film released in 2017 and directed by Wu Jing. It is the sequel to Wolf Warrior 2015. The story is about Leng Feng, a loose-cannon Chinese soldier who takes on special missions around the world. In this, he finds himself in an African country where he is protecting medical aid workers from vicious arms dealers and local rebels. The film was highly acclaimed while having a lot of ambiguous critiques. It became one of the highest-grossing films ever. It was also the first movie to be in the worldwide top 100 box office gross of all time.

6. Ne Zha

Ne Zha is a Chinese 3D computer animation, adventure, and fantasy film released in 2019. It is directed by Yu Yag. Ne Zha is a deity originating from Chinese mythology. To find his identity he needs to go through a journey of self-discovery. The film grossed over $725 million. The film was China's third-highest-grossing film and that year’s fourth-highest animated-grossing film.

7. The Mermaid

The Mermaid is a Chinese romantic, comedy fantasy film released in 2016 and directed by Stephen Chow. It stars Show Lo, Lin Yun, Deng Chao, and Zhang Yuqi. The story is about Liu Xuan, a playboy businessman who falls in love with Shan, a mermaid who is sent to assassinate him. It is the ninth-highest-grossing film in China.

8. Operation Red Sea

Operation Red Sea is a Chinese-Hong Kong action war film released in 2018 and directed by Dante Lam. The movie is based on the Chinese evacuation of foreign nationals and almost 600 citizens during the 2015 Yemeni Civil War. China was painted as an underdeveloped country, this film shows China’s development and that it is a rising economy with greater international dominance. The film is considered China's first modern naval film. It was the seventh-highest-grossing film in China.

9. Dying To Survive

Dying to Survive is a Chinese comedy-drama film released in 2018 and directed by Wen Muye. It is based on Lu Yong’s real-life story who is a leukemia patient who from India smuggled cheap and generic cancer medicine in 2004 for 1,000 Chinese cancer patients.

10. Detective Chinatown 2

Detective Chinatown 2 is a Chinese comedy-mystery film released in 2018 and directed by Chen Sicheng. It stars Liu Haoran and Wang Baoqiang. The story is about Tang and Qin who are solving a murder team up in New York's Chinatown’. The film grossed over $544 million worldwide, being China’s fifth-highest-grossing film of all time.