Japanese dramas are always a treat to the eyes. Japanese dramas are made in many different genres, but the authenticity of Japanese culture is constant. If we talk about Japanese science fiction and thriller dramas, they are always entertaining. From interesting science notions to thrilling plots manages to keep the audience at the edge of […]

Sukollawat Kanaros, known as Weir, is a Thai model, actor, business owner, and singer. Born on 18th April 1985, he is currently under Channel 7. From Kantana Institute, he got his Masters in entertainment media management. He entered the industry with the help of Supachai, who later became his manager. Supachai accidentally saw his photo […]

When does someone put his kindness into the back seat, only when something terrible happens? Heroes are humans, and when evil tries to test their patience while tearing them down to their core, only a few can keep their kindness alive. Only very few of us can withstand the test of time that will try […]

Villans are evil, but sometimes, they cross lines when they slaughter the most prominent lives. One loves and tries to defend one’s family at any cost, and thus, a more significant force genesis takes place when they are harmed. This force drives us to take revenge and destroy the ones who have caused their family […]

Emotional turmoil and injuries are persistent elements in anime. These characters go through an enormous amount of pain, making the viewers sympathize with them and often wonder how they can withstand it. The few things that tug at heartstrings like an admirable or sweet character who undergoes agony or trauma that they don’t deserve. As […]

There is no denying that 2023 was a great year for Chinese dramas. From seeping fantasy epics to modern love tales, there was no shortage of many dramas to watch. This drama has brought a captivating array of high-rated Chinese drama from a fresh adaptation of heart-fluttering stories to murder mysteries. Those who are new […]

Embark on a journey into the heart of Thai television with a curated exploration of the top 10 highly viewed and famous Thai dramas that have left their ineradicable mark on Channel 3. Being one of Thailand’s leading television networks, Channel 3 has been presenting a multitude of captivating stories that have captured the hearts […]

In every industry, some individuals have something magical about them. Their fame and popularity transcend countries and oceans. These individuals have not only wowed us all with their superb acting skills but have also made quite a splash on the international spectrum. If we talk about Japan, there are quite a few celebs who have […]

There are several celebrated K-dramas created and directed by talented men. There are a lot of equally beautiful K-dramas that are led by women, even though they are not as well known. Let’s talk about some K-dramas controlled and created by talented women in the K-drama industry. 1. Be Melodramatic   In this drama, we follow […]

Let’s look at some of the early 90s and late 2000s songs of K-pop that have blown the K-pop industry with their unexpected masterpieces. You might not personally search for songs but have listened to them somewhere or seen your favorite artists covering the bops of the early K-pop era. 1. Girls’ Generation – “Gee” […]