Article: Top Ten K-Dramas Directed By Women

There are several celebrated K-dramas created and directed by talented men. There are a lot of equally beautiful K-dramas that are led by women, even though they are not as well known. Let's talk about some K-dramas controlled and created by talented women in the K-drama industry.

1. Be Melodramatic  

In this drama, we follow the lives of three friends, Lim Jin-Joo, Lee Eun-Jung, and Hwang Han-Joo. They have been friends since college. They are all women in their thirties trying to navigate life and its turbulences. They rely on each other for support. Throughout the drama, we see how much they have come to depend on each other. Kim Hye Young was an assistant director in this drama, and she contributed a lot to the making of this series.

2. Vincenzo

This drama revolves around the life of Vincenzo Cassano, a consigliere for the Italian Mafia. He is of Korean origin and was taken to Italy when he was a child by his adoptive parents. Due to unfortunate circumstances, he was taken into and raised by the Mafia. Vincenzo had to evacuate Italy after an incident with his adoptive brother. In Korea, he discovers a ton of gold buried under a particular building. Determined to get the gold, he starts living in the apartment in the building. He also encounters a feisty lawyer named Hong Cha-Young. Kim Hee Won is responsible for creating this series.

3. Beyond Evil

This series follows the lives of Detective Lee Dong-Sik and Han Joo-Won. Officer Lee Dong-Sik is a respected and capable officer. He lives in a peaceful city where significant crimes rarely take place. One day, a young detective named Han Joo-Won is transferred to the same station where Lee Dong-Sik works. He becomes Dong-Sik's boss and partner. They work together to solve a gruesome serial murder case that takes place in their city. Shim Na Yeon made this unbelievable series.

4. Coffee Prince

This drama revolves around Han-gyeol and Ko Eun-Chan. Han is a man who does not like to be tied to just one job or career. Han is erratic and does not enjoy the feeling of settling down. He runs a gourmet coffee shop and soon learns more about coffee and cafes. While running the shop, he comes across a strange young woman named Ko Eun-Chan. Lee Yoon Jung was the mind behind this hit drama series.

5. The School Nurse Files

This series follows the story of a young nurse and teacher with special abilities. She can see mysterious jelly creatures that are made of human desires. They are jelly monsters, and she has the power to kill them. She senses a dark event in her school. She partners with a Chinese language teacher named Hong In-Pyo to stop these monsters. Lee Kyun Mi is responsible for creating this fun and entertaining series.

6. Love Alarm

This drama revolves around Kim Jo-Jo, a high school student. She is a kind and bubbly person. She tries to do well in school and live cheerfully. She had lost her parents at a young age and lives with her extended family. She grieves the loss of her parents often and does not find living with her extended family easy. She encounters a popular male student named Hwang Sun-Oh at her school. Hwang notices that his best friend, Lee Hye-Young, has a crush on Kim. This starts a love triangle between the three students. Lee Na Jung is responsible for creating an incredible and creative series.

7. Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

This series follows the lives of Goo Ra and Sunwoo Joon. Goo Ra is a respected pianist. She aspires to be a well-known musician. Her future becomes uncertain when her family becomes bankrupt. She loses her money and ends up penniless. We follow Sunwoo Joon, a free-spirited man. He does not have many worries about his future or his financial problems. He works multiple part-time jobs. Goo Ra and Sunwoo meet at a remote private piano academy in the countryside. Kim Min Kyung was the mind responsible for this series.

8. It’s Ok To Be Sensitive

This drama revolves around the lives of five students at the university. It is a feminist series that tackles various issues that these students face on and even outside their campus. It tackles multiple problems women have gone through daily and focuses on gender issues. Choi Sun Mi is responsible for creating this fantastic series.

9. Flower Crew: Josen Marriage Agency

This series revolves around the life of a young man named Lee Soo. He is a hardworking blacksmith. He is in love with a woman named Gae-Ddong. She is a bright and bubbly person. She is looking for her younger brother, whom she was separated from at an early age. Lee Soo prepares to propose to Gae and hires the Josen Marriage Agency. This Agency comprises three men named Ma Hoon, Do Joon, and Ko Young-Soo. On the wedding day, however, Lee Soo is nowhere to be found. This series was created and directed by Kim Ga Ram.

10. Little Women

This drama revolves around the lives of three sisters, Oh In-Joo, Oh In-Kyung, and Oh In-Hye. They grew up in a low-income family. They depend on each other for support and stability. The three sisters work hard in their fields to get through their financial difficulties. They have their problems and challenges; however, their lives change after getting involved in a mysterious case. This case leads them to a battle against a rich and powerful family in South Korea. This series is created by the talented Kim Hee-Won.