Article: Top Ten K-Dramas About Falling In Love For The First Time

K-dramas are known for their heart-fluttering romances; however, the most overwhelming romances are the First Loves. Your first love can be all-consuming and overwhelming. Let's talk about some K-drama first loves that got our hearts tizzy.

1. When My Love Blooms

This drama revolves around the first love of Han Jae-Hyun and Yoon Ji-Soo. As a student in university, they were involved in student protests. Yoon Ji-Soon came across Han Jae-Hyun when he rescued her from the middle of a protest. Yoon fell in love at first sight. She was adamant about her feelings and cashed after Jae-Hyun. After some time, Jae-Hyun starts falling in love with Yoon as well. Due to an incident, the couple was forced to part ways. Years later, they are reunited, and they realize that their feelings for each other have remained unchanged.

2. Extraordinary You

This series revolves around the love of Eun Dan-O and Ha-Roo. Eun seems at first to have an ordinary life. She has a good family, and she has many friends. Eun discovers however that she is a character in a comic book. She refuses to follow the plot of the comic and decides that she wants to choose who to fall in love with. One day, she runs into a character whom she names Ha-Roo. She is immediately attracted to him. Their love story is unique, and it goes beyond space and reality.

3. What's Wrong With Secretary Kim

In this drama, we follow Kim Mi-so, a secretary. She wants to quit her job as a secretary to the rich and powerful Lee Young-Joon and start living her own life. She wants to be free and independent. She also wants to start a family of her own. Her boss, Lee Youn-Joon, has grown to like Mi-so. He thinks of her highly and refuses to let them quit. He also falls in love with her and decides to woo her. Later in the series, we also find out that their feelings for each other started when they had been children.

4. Love In The Moonlight

This drama follows the love story between Lee Young, the Crown Prince, and an ordinary woman named Hong Ra-On. Hong Ra-On conceals herself as a man and gives counsel to other people. Hong Ra becomes one of the Crown Prince’s eunuchs. The Crown Prince is unaware that Hong Ra is a woman. Slowly, the prince becomes drawn to Hong and grows close with her. Gradually they fall in love with each other.

5. A Love So Beautiful

This series revolves around the love between Shin Sol-I and Cha Heon. They were childhood friends and had known each other for a long time. Shin had a crush on Cha for several years. She had admired him ever since they were children. In high school, her crush on her only grew. Cha Heon discovers in high school that his feelings for Shin are more profound than he realized. They soon fall in love with each other. Despite breaking up as teens, they meet each other again as adults. Cha Heon knows that he still loves Shin and tries to get back together with her.

6. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo

This drama is around Kim Bok-Joo and her first love, Jung Joon-Hyung. They are university students who are athletes. They aspire to be professionals in their respective fields. Kim Bok-Joo is a talented weightlifter, and Jun Joo is a competent swimmer. Kim Bok runs into Jung unexpectedly at university. They later discover that they had been childhood friends. Jung reveals that he had fallen in love with Kim Bok-Joo as a child, and she still was his first love.

7. Reply 1988

In this drama, we travel to 1988 South Korea and follow the lives of five friends. Duk-sun, Sun-Woon, Jung-Hwan, Taek and Dong-Ryong. They all live in the same neighborhood and have been childhood friends. We see even as adults, they support each other and are very close to one another. We also see the growing love between Duk-Sun and Taek. They eventually become each other's first loves.

8. She Was Pretty

This drama revolves around the love story between Kim Hye-Jin and Ji Sung-Joon. They were childhood friends and eventually fell in love with each other. They were parted from each other as kids as Ji Sung had to move to the States. When they reunite as adults, their physical appearances are entirely altered. Kim is ashamed of her physical appearance and decides to hide her identity from him. Later, Ji Sung and Kim Hye develop feelings for each other again and fall in love. Ji Sun also finds out the truth behind Kim and confesses that his love for her hasn’t changed.

9. Twenty-Five Twenty-One

This series follows the blooming romance between Na Hee-Do and Back Yi-Jin. They are each other first love. Na Hee-Do aspires to be a professional fencer, and Back Yi–Jin aspires to be a reporter. Their love is bittersweet as we discover that they did not end up together. Yet, they continue to support each other in their professional and personal lives.

10. My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

This drama revolves around Kang Mi-Rae and Do Kyung-Seok. Kang is insecure about her physical appearance. After plastic surgery, she gains more confidence about her appearance but remains a timid person. She eventually meets and falls in love with Do Kyung-Seok, a handsome man. He is known as the university heartthrob. Finally, they become close to each other and fall in love.