Article: Top 10 Rising Directors Of China In 2022

China comprises one of the most versatile movie industries called Cantonwood, which is well-known for its out-of-the-box directions. A movie’s fate depends upon the director’s mettle, and the same moral works for this industry too. The entries of the new talents have heated the competition and have simultaneously increased the standard of direction.

10. Ann Hui

Ann Hui is a multitalented celebrity who is good at acting, screenwriting, directing, and producing quality movies. She originally belonged to the mainland, and her themes emphasize cultural displacement and national identity.

9. Tian Zhuangzhuang

Tian Zhuangzhuang is another Beijing Film Academy graduate who earned fame for his innovative themes. He has been directing movies that emphasize disenfranchised stories and ethnic minorities. He has also served as a mentor.

8. John Woo

John Woo is considered a leading figure in his domain. He has shown remarkable performance in international direction and has worked for several Hollywood films, such as Face Off and Mission: Impossible II. He is also an extraordinary writer and producer.

7. Feng Xiaogang

Feng Xiaogang has gained fame in his field without any formal training. He is considered the leading figure in specific genres such as Hesui Pian. His movie, Aftershock was nominated as a Chinese entry for academy awards under the category of best foreign language film.

6. Jia Zhangke

Jia Zhangke is a Beijing Film Academy graduate and a renowned director of The World. He is best known for his innovative themes that deals with disenfranchised youth. He has admitted that Chen Kaige has been his trustworthy source of inspiration.

5. Guo Ke

Guo Ke played an essential part in highlighting the forgotten struggle of World War 2 by women. He is known for his precision in directing documentaries. He has done remarkable work in Thirty-Two (2013) and Twenty-Two (2017), both of which connects the audience with the horrors of World War 2. It talks about forced sex slavery by Japanese troops.

4. Bi Gan

Bi Gan is acknowledged for his innovative movies based on his birthplace, Kaili, Guizhou Province. He has done remarkable work in Long Day's Journey into Night (2018) and Kaili Blues (2015), both of which appreciates the beauty and story of Guizhou. His movies are great when it comes to showcasing the rural life of China.

3. Lu Yang

Lu Yang is acknowledged for his mind-blowing movies that circle martial-arts Wuxia. He is among very few personalities that have given a new angle to the film of this niche. He has done remarkable work in Brotherhood of Blades 1 & 2, a must-watch movie that talks about the imperial secret police of the Ming dynasty.

2. Han Han 

Han Han was already in the lam light due to his extraordinary writing skills. He was one of the few talented authors whose work and characters were given life via movies. He started with The Continent in 2014, which portrayed a memorable road trip comedy. His other’s achievements are Pegasus (2019) and Duckweed (2017), both of which were appreciable.

1. Wen Muye

Wen Muye started his sail in the industry with the movie dying to survive. This movie is considered to be a mega success and drew international attention. The movie brought overnight fame when it crossed the gross of $453 million. The film was considered the 3rd most successful Jem in terms of collection.