May 2024

Thai dramas have been loved around the globe for long for their captivating storytelling and vibrant cultural elements. A new genre has emerged in recent years that is taking the world by storm, that is musical themed Thai dramas. The talented actors and singers are at heart of this trend who bring these dramas to […]

Are you ready to immerse yourself in thrilling storylines, mind-boggling mysteries, and suspenseful twists and turns? These dramas will keep you on the edge of your seat! Check out HiTv’s top 10 Chinese mystery dramas that you can binge-watch. 1. The Lady And The Lies The Lady and the Lies is a Chinese mystery drama […]

Some people like to relax their minds by binge-watching their favorite anime shows, and the industry has noticed this, too. There is also an entire genre Iyashikei, that means healing, that refers to anime which have a soothing effect on viewers. These anime make up for what they lack in conflict with a focus on […]

For anyone who appreciates and loves animals, these K-dramas are for you. All the dramas mentioned in the list feature a furry friend who is sure to steal the scene and your hearts. 1. Once Upon A Small Town This drama revolves around the life of a vet in Seoul named Han Ji-Yul. He is […]

Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul, or Baifern is a 31-year-old Thai actress and model. Baifern hails from Dusit, Thailand. Baifern started her career in the Thai entertainment industry when was in 6th standard as a model for a renowned shoe company meant for students. After that, she began making appearances in movies, music videos, and short films. Baifern […]

The true follower of Thai BL dramas will know that it mostly ends with 13 episodes at max. But still, there are series where people want to see more chemistry and storyline of the drama and wish to have more episodes like the list given below. 1. Bad Buddy  Bad Buddy is the Thai BL […]

The K-Pop industry in itself is a treasure. In it, you find a variety of gems, for it contains from hip-hop songs to bubble-gum pop songs. Such is the diversity of Korean pop, so no wonder you will get some songs with uplifting lyrics compiled with the help of some inspiring beats. So, here is […]

In this article, we will talk about some of the K-dramas to watch if you enjoy watching superhero dramas. There are a lot of K-dramas where the main protagonist has a unique ability. Here, we will talk about some of the best dramas in that category. 1. Moving In this series, we follow the lives […]

Anime is one of the most famous mediums of entertainment. It is easy to find people who watch anime as more than just a simple pastime. Anime fans are usually part of a fandom dedicated to the anime, its manga, and all the lore surrounding it. When readers like a well-written manga, they wish for […]

In the anime world, there are some characters whose life seems to be tangled in misfortune. Here are some of the characters who stand out for their extremely bad luck. 1. Yamcha – Dragon Ball Yamcha had a rough time. First, he broke up with Bulma; then he died fighting Saibamen. But he was so […]