Article: Top 10 K-Pop Songs To Motivate You

The K-Pop industry in itself is a treasure. In it, you find a variety of gems, for it contains from hip-hop songs to bubble-gum pop songs. Such is the diversity of Korean pop, so no wonder you will get some songs with uplifting lyrics compiled with the help of some inspiring beats. So, here is a list of ten songs to motivate you to overcome formidable obstacles.

1. Not Today

This song is intended for everyone, but it is especially for those on the verge of quitting because they feel inadequate and unworthy. BTS reminds us not to give up, at least not today! It was released in 2017, which matched the 2017 South Korean civil unrest against corruption and authority. Therefore, it was a subtle way for the worldwide famous artists to motivate the protestors, too.

2. Go Hard

Go Hard is a song of self-empowerment. The self-confidence is top-notch, for the only opponent the protagonist sees is herself in the mirror. They are unbreakable no matter what troubles come up in their way. With the support of Once, they are sure to reach the top. This song will motivate you to give your best at anything and everything without fear.

3. Wannabe

Sometimes, we are pushed to the corner because we are just different from others. This evolves into a constant voyage of self-doubt and underconfidence. It is where ITZY steps in and asks us to chin up. These differences are worth embracing, for those are what make us unique. It is also a great workout if you want to dance to this catchy song.

4. Hip 

MAMAMOO encourages their followers to welcome themselves as they are. The pressures of compliance to superficial societal norms are resisted by these powerful women. They want independence and will not take suggestions to the contrary. The music video also featured women of various backgrounds, so all of us can feel at home in their music while staying hip throughout.

5. My Pace

The biggest hindrance one faces in life is comparison with others. These are often baseless and products of jealousy, which hampers one in the long run. Stray Kids deals with this issue perfectly. At the same time, they ask their fans to go at their own pace and not worry too much about others’ speed. It is themselves that matter here, not others.

6. Lion

Starting from Minnie’s seductive voice, this song brings out goosebumps throughout. If they hadn’t already established that they are fearless lions ready to tear out societal prejudices, Soyeon’s bridge confirms it. If you ever feel threatened by others’ misconceptions about you, listen to this song to get back to them.

7. Just Right

The weight scale often disappoints us. And so does our reflection in the mirror. But GOT7 loves everything about us. They even endearingly call us to get off the weighing scale, and they will give us a piggyback ride! ‘Just Right’ is an adorable body-love anthem sung by the green flags of the industry, so this should be such a cheerful motivational song!

8. Moonshot

The moon is a watchdog that shines brightly in the night. N. Flying presents a future in which humans are standing over the moon and leaping towards a new world while simultaneously demonstrating how we shrink in the face of specific fears, such as those related to the moon's supervision of free motion. “If you wanna change, be not afraid” should be the lyric in your head when you are attempting something new.

9. Rainbow 

The song's lyrics encourage us to follow our aspirations and take risks, even if it means going down an unfamiliar path. Twice tells us that if we look past the clouds and embrace the bigger picture, there is always a new route to follow. The song also emphasizes the idea of self-worth and self-belief by reassuring us that everyone possesses unique talents and values.

10. Hard Carry 

Hard Carry is one of the very viral releases by GOT7. The song’s protagonist is self-assured and adamant about succeeding no matter what. He thinks of himself as a good gambler and is confident he can handle anything. GOT7 unquestionably wanted their followers to be resilient and not give up before achieving their goals.