Article: Top 10 Chinese Must Watch Series Of Zhao Lusi

Zhao Lusi is a 24-year-old rising star in the Chinese Entertainment industry. Zhao Lusi, or Rosy is a prominent actress in China who has seized the hearts of the viewers with her glamorous looks and her exceptionally excellent acting skills. She is a highly sought-after leading actress in the Chinese entertainment industry, thanks to her versatility, which shines through in an array of roles. Zhao Lusi made her first acting debut in a 2017 web sequel, Cinderella Chef, in a supporting role. Since then, the actress has demonstrated excellent acting skills in numerous series and movies. This article will delve into the top 10 Chinese must-watch series of Zhao Lusi which will not only showcase her remarkable acting skills but will also showcase the variety of characters and stories she has played.

1. Hidden Love

Hidden Love is a 2023 famous series portraying Shang Zhi(Zhao Lusi), a cute girl who develops feelings for her older brother's friend Duan Jia Xu(Chen Zhe Yuan), who used to come to play games at her house with her older brother, Sang Yan. Shang Zhi was young and naive, she could not express it that she had a crush on Duan Jia Xu, as he was five years older than her and it was awkward for her. After some time, they both lost contact with each other for some reason until Shang Zhi graduates her high school and joins the university in his hometown's university. They both reunite again and at last, fall in love with each other, leading to a happy ending in the sequel.

2. Dating In The Kitchen

Dating in the Kitchen is a series that depicts the story of Gu Sheng Nan, an assistant chef, at the Zijing Hotel, where she expresses herself with her best cooking skills. One day, due to some unfortunate misunderstanding, Sheng Nan gets into the wrong side of Lu Jin, her soon-to-be boss and blunt-speaking CEO. Lu Jin, a business expert never steers away from making any hard decisions. He was all set to insult and criticize the Zijing Hotel because he was not pleased with the hotel’s service and staff, but a fortunate event delivered one of Sheng Nan's delicious dishes to him, which stopped him from doing so as he was impressed by the dish and Sheng Nan's skills. They both share a common passion and love for food, which causes them to connect unexpectedly.

3. Who Rules The World

Who Rules the World is a 2022 series, which is known to be one of the best Chinese martial arts series. The series explores Hei Feng Xi, an elegant and charming man, whereas Bei Fang Xi is a magnificent and passionate woman. They are restricted in the turmoil and chaos of the martial arts and political realms, where a love flower starts to bloom amidst the bloodshed over the past ten years. Together, they seek justice and try to end the growing uncertainty caused by an evil that cannot be caught.

4. I Hear You

I Hear You is a sequel that depicts the story of a girl, Bei Er Duo, who is from a typical family who dreams of learning voice acting professionally in Japan. However, her mother constantly arranges blind dates for her because she wants Bei Er Duo to marry a rich man as soon as possible. Bei Er Duo participates in a few reality shows where she meets the famous violin maker Ye Shu Wei, a mysterious and humble boy who is an expert and favourite in the violin industry and composition. Ye Shu Wei and Bei Er Duo fall in love with each other, leading to a happy ending of the series.

5. Please Feel At Ease Mr. Ling

Please Feel at Ease Mr. Ling is a series that explores the story of a delivery girl, Gu Aixin, also known as a white little rabbit, and Ling Yue, the president and heir of a major company. Ready to take over the family corporation, Ling Yue meets with an accident nearly taking his life. While dragging himself to the road for help, he runs into Gu Aixin, who rushes him to the hospital and finds out that he lost his memories and suffering from amnesia. Aixin could not leave Ling Yue in a state of amnesia, so she takes him to her home to take care of him until he recovers. Both the characters carry opposite personalities and find it difficult to live together as they are unknown to each other. Still, time and patience bring them close and together at the end.

6. The Romance Of Tiger And Rose

The Romance of Tiger and Rose is a 2020 series that depicts the story of Chen Xiao Qian, a screenplay writer who faces criticism in her workplace from fellow staff. Chen Xiao Qian puts all her efforts into writing a successful screenplay script. Still, after a nap, she finds herself transferred to her screenplay script, becoming the third hated princess Chen Qianqian, who, by the third episode, is planned to be killed by Han Shuo, the male lead. Knowing her story on every level, Chen Qianqian must fight for her life to stay alive and find her way back home.

7. Love Of Thousand Years

It is a 2020 series that tells the story of Fu Jiu Yun, an immortal deity who somehow falls in love with a mortal woman and wishes to have a relationship with her. Fu Jiu Yun is not successful in winning her heart and follows her for a thousand years. The woman is reborn as a princess, but an ill-minded prince plans to destroy her and her family by every means. To get revenge on the ill-minded prince, she invites Fu Jiu Yun to help her out of the situation, which eventually leads to forming a love bond.

8. Prodigy Healer

The series tells the story of Mu Xing Chen, a descendant of the Shen Mu royal tribe, who spent his entire life learning and practicing the traditional medical techniques utilized by his family. Xing Chen has known about medicine for many years. Xing Chen saves Ye Yun Shang, a young doctor from the human realm, and a family of doctors who entered their territory by mistake. While helping Ye Yun Shan to escape from his territory, he ends up running with her and from his family politics so that he can try living in the normal world. It is a 2020 fantasy romance series.

9. Gen Z

Gen Z is a 2023 series of Sun Tou Tou, an orphan in her twenties, and Tian Zhin, a classmate of Sun Tou Tou, who dislikes her for creating trouble. The sequels tell the story of how the younger generations deal with the difficulty of achieving their aim, and during the process, it affects the connection with family and friends.

10. Hu Tong: Chapter 1

Hu Tong tells the story of a family of third generations of women who, from the very beginning of liberation till the present, remain loyal to their aims of helping their neighborhood. To show the Hutong culture of  Beijing, their story reflects the youth of each era.