Hou Ming Hao, also known as Neo, is a Chinese singer, actor, and model managed by Hesong Media. Born on 3rd August 1997 in Beijing and attended Beijing Contemporary Music Academy. In 2012, he was a former trainee of SM Entertainment. He debuted as a member of Fresh Teenager Geek in 2014 but left to […]

Time traveling is a niche that can cover stories of any type. The mistakes pierce one’s heart until the very end, and thus, erasing them is most of our will. The guilt that comes with the blunders makes our hearts heavy forever; thus, seeing anime that erases them is satisfactory. Everyone thinks of a way […]

We love reserved characters in Chinese dramas, as these characters are shy but still prove to be bashful and utterly irresistible. These shy and sweet male leads steal our hearts with their cute but hesitant smiles. They have the authenticity that we all crave. These Chinese male leads are gentle, friendly, caring, and someone you […]

In most K-dramas, we see our protagonists earn success in their field and find love. However often time women must choose between being successful in their profession or having a loving partner and family. These K-dramas and their leading ladies are here to prove that women can do whatever they want. They can become CEO […]

Embark on a pleasant journey into Thai television as we uncover a curated selection of the top 10 brief yet captivating Thai series that manage to weave compelling narratives in concise packages. In a landscape where the episodic format often takes precedence, these series stand out for their ability to convey impactful storytelling, fascinating characters, […]

Xu Lu is a Chinese actress and singer born on 28th December 1994. She attended the People’s Liberation Army Academy of Arts. After graduating in drama, she debuted in a television series, The Dream of Red Mansion, in a small role in 2008. She got worldwide recognition from the drama One And A Half Summer […]

K-dramas, also known as melodramas, have seen a vast increase in popularity worldwide due to their unique combination of romance, emotions, sentimental themes, drama, and introverted feelings. They have emotionally charged their storyline, and these dramas also often use music in their storytelling. Be it a die-hard fan or someone who has just started watching […]

Apart from having K-drama’s boyfriend in real life, we also wish to have a group of friends. The chaotic sense of humor, the insult teasing, the advice, and the memories that K-drama friendship groups create that we also want to experience in real life. 1. Reply 1988’s Ssangmundong Squad Starting strong with the 2015 super […]

When heading into the vast and varied world of anime, one often comes across various durations, each of which adds its unique storyline and aesthetic charm to the medium. A special subset of anime, those with surprisingly short runtimes, nevertheless manage to captivate the audiences with their compelling storylines and characters that stand out among […]

Imagine a scenario where the present-day hero and villain were schoolmates. They attended the same school had the same friends, environment, and teaching, yet ended in a different path. How hard would it become for both of them to put each other’s life to end? The plot created from such emotional tension would be worth […]