Article: Top 10 K-Dramas Exploring Valuable Beauty Lessons

Korean dramas possess a unique way of combining entertainment with significant life lessons. Besides fascinating storylines and irresistible characters, Korean dramas have more to offer. There will always be a series that will give us beautiful and valuable life lessons. Out of so many, there are some K-dramas that focus on and provide valuable beauty lessons that not only entertain the viewers but also enlighten them. Through this article, we will explore the K-dramas that teach valuable beauty lessons to their audience. These dramas remind us that beauty is more than just appearances. It's about kindness, humbleness, and the character of a person who shines from within.

1. True Beauty

True Beauty is a 2020 series that depicts Moon Ga Young as Lim Ju Geyong, who gets bullied by her classmates because they think she is ugly and unattractive. This drama teaches that beauty is not everything. After experiencing bullying because of her appearance, Lim Ju Geyong learns to apply makeup by watching YouTube tutorials and as a result, she transforms into a goddess. Lim Ju Geyong becomes famous in her new school, but her terrific fear comes true when her classmate Lee Su Ho, a tall, popular, and handsome boy whom she likes, discovers her with no make-up on. However, to Suho, she is the same girl and does not change his behavior towards her, nor do her friends. It does not matter how you look from the outside if your heart is not clean and you cannot be kind to others.

2. My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

Kang Mi Rae was bullied all her life in school because of her looks. Mi Rae decides to undergo plastic surgery to start of her new college. Unfortunately, her truth about plastic surgery gets revealed, she loses her newly acquired popularity in college, and she gets taunted by her mates as the Gangnam Beauty, reminding her of those childhood days when she used to get mocked. However, Mi Rae meets Do Kyung Suk, a handsome boy who chooses to stay by and stand up for her.

3. Oh My Venus

It is the story of Kang Joo Eun, a 33-year-old successful lawyer. Regardless of her achievements, her colleagues often disrespect her because of her body weight. For the same reason, Kang Joo Eun gets ditched by her boyfriend of 15 years. To transform herself, she seeks the assistance of a prominent Hollywood fitness instructor, Kim Young Ho.

4. She Was Pretty

Kim Hye Jin persuades her beautiful roommate to take over her place and pretend to be her when her now first crush, Ji Sung Joon, seeks to meet her. However, Hye Jin, who failed to keep her attractive appearance in high school, finds herself in a challenging situation when she gets a job at a magazine company run by Ji Sung Joon, who openly treats her with hatred and disgust, not knowing that she is his childhood friend.

5. Birth Of A Beauty

Sa Geum Ran is a sweet but obese housewife who receives poor treatment from her husband and in-laws due to her physical appearance. After seven years, coming back from the US, her husband, asks her for divorce so that he can live with his mistress. Out of Vengeance, Guem Ran decides to go through a transformation, i.e. plastic surgery, with a motive to ruin her cheating husband’s relationship.

6. The Miracle

This sequel tells the story of Kwon Shi Ah and Kwon Shi Yeon. Both are twin sisters and are opposite from each other. Kwon Shi Ah is famous as a romantic K-pop idol. Meanwhile, Kwon Shi Yeon is a chubby introvert who stays in her room all day. But one day, a miracle body swap forces them to experience the unfamiliar lives of each other, reversing their entire universe and forcing them to adjust. It is a 2016 classic idol drama.

7. Perfume

Min Jae Hee, a middle-aged homemaker, is angry at the world because of her looks and her husband's extramarital affair with a young lady, due to which she tries to end her life. But, she stops when a delivery guy delivers a mystical perfume that, once applied, transforms her into a young and beautiful woman. Min Jae Hee begins her modeling career under a renowned fashion designer, Seo Yi Do, who suffers from various allergies and fears

8. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo portrays the beauty of athleticism and strength. Kim Bok Joo, the lead character, pursues her ambition of becoming a weightlifter. In the series, Bok Joo faces all the ups and downs of training to become a weightlifter, even had to put up with other females making fun of her and her appetite. It also shows the part when she tries to look pretty and girly to win over someone she crushes over, but then, she realizes that you do not have to change for anyone if they genuinely love you. It will never matter to them about how you look.

9. Shadow Beauty

It is a series that explores the story of Koo Ae Jin, who is poorly bullied and is never considered beautiful by anyone. By adopting the identity of Genie, a well-known social media influencer who is an expert in make-up and Photo editing, she manages to slip away. However, a mysterious person threatens Ae Jin by sending her an unedited picture of herself as a Genie. Ae Jin encounters the difficulty of protecting her secret truth while the identity of the sender is still unknown.

10. Touch

Touch is a 2020 rom-com drama where Cha Jung Hyeok is a famous and professional make-up artist who loses his job and has crippling debt. Han Soo Yeon is an idol trainee, who has been training for a decade and is waiting for her opportunity to become an idol. Fate steps in, and both the characters cross each other’s path. After Jung Hyeok gets employed, he mentors Soo Yeon, as he recognizes her skills, and ultimately leads to a happy ending.