Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas Where Childhood Friends Become Lovers

Once you become immersed in Korean dramas, it becomes difficult for you to return to your regular life & you find yourself wanting to watch more and more Korean dramas every day. You must have viewed a lot of Korean dramas up to this point. Here is a list of the Top 10 Korean Dramas where Childhood Friends Become Lovers

1. Romance Is A Bonus Book

The story is about two childhood friends who reconnect after an accident. They become close friends and remain that way until the girl begins a relationship with a greedy man. Kang Dan-i marries that man despite Cha Eun-ho, her best friend, having second thoughts and criticism. After some time, Cha Eun-ho learns that the man had an affair with Kang Dan-i, who is now jobless.

2. I Miss You

An investigator, Han Jung Woo, fell in love with Lee Su Yeon when she was a high school student. Her father had committed murder. Other students at the school would bully and tease her, but Jung Woo would always stand up for her. But an incident when they were kids kept them apart. Su Yeon has been a fashion designer for fourteen years. She was dating Kang Hyun Jun, who cherished her and would go to great lengths for her. But when Su Yeon and Jung Woo cross paths once more, he becomes envious and tries to keep them apart.

3. Fight For My Way

Ko Dong Man wants to be a well-known taekwondo athlete, but he currently works as a contract worker and has decided to switch to the UFC. On the other hand, Choi Ae Ra works at the information desk in the department store despite having a dream of becoming a television host. Kim Joo Man and Baek Seol Hee, who are friends, have been dating for six years, although there are some problems in the relationship.

4. Twenty Again

Her husband and her son, who does not appreciate her efforts, believe she is useless. She enrolls at a university after experiencing numerous heartbreaks and learning that she has a fatal illness. His kid disagrees with her choice and feels ashamed that she attends the same college. She did not know that the college teacher who used to adore her was her childhood friend.

5. Pinocchio

A teenage reporter named Choi In Ha experiences Pinocchio Syndrome, which causes her to hiccup anytime she says a lie. A tragic incident in Ha Myeong's early life caused the loss of his parents. His grandfather In-Ha helps rescue his life after he ends up close to the ocean. His grandfather, who passed almost 30 years ago, thinks he is his older son Dal Po. Despite being the same age, In Ha and Dal Po live together as niece and uncle. They work together, attend the same school, and eventually fall in love.

6. Healer

Chae Young Shin works as a news reporter for a small business and resides with her father, a lawyer and coffee shop owner. Seo Jung Hoo is a night courier referred to by his customers as Healers. A well-known newscaster named Kim Moon Ho tries to solve the mystery with the help of Young Shin and Jung Hoo.

7. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo is another Korean drama about childhood buddies who become lovers. Bok Joo and her friends do not have boyfriends and are not well-liked by boys. Jung Joon Hyung is a swimmer raised by his uncle and aunt. When Bok Joo unintentionally falls in, Joon Hyung dives in to save her. They both then acknowledge that they are familiar with one another.

8. Kill Me Heal Me

Chan Do-Hyun is afflicted with a personality illness. Oh Ri Jin practices psychology. Ji Sung's seven diverse personalities in this drama make it an absolute gem. This drama is fantastic in every way. He begs Ri Jin to assist him covertly, but she develops feelings for one of his personalities. Oh Ri On, the twin brother of Oh Ri Jin, is a well-known mystery writer looking into Do Hyun and his family.

9. Operation Proposal

A male buddy discovers his love for his closest friend, who is getting married, just before the wedding in this Korean drama about childhood friends who become lovers. He is given a second chance by fate to go back in time and tell his best buddy how he feels. It is difficult to change everything, though.

10. Hello Monster

Hello, Monster is another Korean drama about childhood friends who fall in love. This Korean drama tells the story of Lee Hyun, a detective with a criminal background who returned to Korea in search of his brother. Detective Cha Ji An has been watching Lee Hyun. She is aware that Lee Joon Young, a criminal they both want to catch, was involved in the murder of Lee Joon Young's father and the mysterious disappearance of Lee Joon Young's brother, Jung Sun Ho.