Article: Top 10 K-Dramas For When You Need To Have A Good Emotional Cry

Tears are often the best medicine for the heart and the soul, and K-dramas are especially good at drawing out those emotions and intense feelings. Though K-dramas are a good form of releasing stress from their various themed sequels, some stories touch our hearts so deeply that they make us reach for the tissue box. This type of series is not only good at bringing tears but also provides heart-warming moments, powerful storytelling, and a way of releasing emotions. In this article, we dive into those K-drams that bring you an excellent emotional cry. The following is a list of 10 K-dramas for when you need to have an excellent emotional cry.

1. Hi Bye, Mama

Hi Bye, Mama is a 2020 series that explores the story of Cha Yu Ri, who gets killed in a tragic accident. However, she comes back to life for 47 days, only her daughter whom she is unable to leave alone. This series will make anyone cry because of its tragic storylines, and make you feel like calling your parents or close friends to tell them how much you love and adore them. This series is not only about the unconditional love of a mother for her daughter but is also portrays the value of life, and the importance of relationships. Kim Tae Hee, the lead actress, has done remarkably great acting, which will bring joy and tears simultaneously.

2. Youth Of May

Youth of May tells the story of a talented and handsome medical school student, Hwang Hee Tae, who develops feelings for Kim Myung Hee, a determined and individualistic nurse. The story dates back to Gwangju in May 1980, when many students died while revolting against the corrupt government. It is a very emotional and beautiful sequel, which portrays the story of two lovers, who are willing to do anything to be together. At last, everybody gets in tear when Kim Myung Hee died.

3. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Reyo

It is the story of Hae Soo, who gets sent back to the era of Goreyo, where she wondrously encounters a royal family with many attractive princes, the majority of whom are in love with her, but she falls in love with the scarred prince Wang So. It is a heartbreaking love story in which Wang So must put his duty above love, leaving Hae Soo heartbroken. It is a historical drama where the incomplete love of Hae Soo and Wang So brings a lot of tears to the eyes but still wins the viewers' hearts. However, the series does not have many happy scenes, but it is worth watching.

4. Uncontrollably Fond

Uncontrollably Fond is a 2016 series depicting Shin Joon Young, a well-known actor who eventfully meets No Eul, a documentary videographer. Despite the reality that the two had a past, No Eul is tasked with documenting Joon Young. No Eul and Shin Joon Young first met in high school, but due to many miscommunications and missed chances, they parted ways without ever discovering the real essence of each other’s feelings. Joon Young is convinced otherwise even, though No Eul has no plan of reviving her emotions for him, Joon Young is keen to keep her close. The story includes themes of regret, mortality, love, and the family value. The beautiful and emotional storyline of the series will try to break your heart, but it will ultimately win you over, leaving you wanting more.

5. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

Moo Young is a man who has no idea what happened to his parents when he was a kid. Since the beginning, Moo Young is very secretive, and it's hard to distinguish whether he has good or bad intentions. It takes a few episodes to understand the reason behind him being so mysterious. Yoo Jin Kang, who had a wrong impression of Moo Young, eventually falls in love with. The end of the series will not only take the viewers on an unpredictable ride but tear your heart apart.

6. Mr. Sunshine

Mr. Sunshine is a 2018 historical series that tells the tale of Eugene Choi, born as an enslaved person but becomes a Marine Corps Captain after he runs away to the US. Go Ae Shin, a female warrior and a noblewoman of the Joseon dynasty. Despite their different backgrounds, both fall in love with each other. The love story both the leads share in the series is beautiful yet heartbreaking where, the two must encounter their sad fate.

7. Queen For 7 Days

Queen for 7 Days depicts the Joseon era where, Queen Dangyeong, just seven days after claiming the throne, is forced to give up the position and the man she loves. It is a heartbreaking and tragic love tale of Queen Dangyeong. It is unforgettable the injustice that happened to her and those she loves. The unrequited love between the two will make you cry your heart out till the end of the series.

8. Radiant

Radiant is a 2019 series. Kim Hye Ji wishes to become a television news anchor someday. One day morning, when Hye Ji wakes up, she finds herself turned into a 70-year-old lady. Hye Ji meets Lee Joon Ha, who has given up on chasing their dreams. The two opposite personalities help each other to grow as a person, but their relationship will heal and break your heart simultaneously. The series is touching and relatable that will definitely make you cry for sure.

9. The Red Sleeve

The Red Sleeve is a historical novel-based sequel where Yi San, an emperor, falls in passion with Seong Deok Im, a court lady. Despite their different statuses, they continue their love while fighting for their nation. This series portrays the life of King Jeongjo, a great and honourable ruler, who falls in love with a woman passionately despite their different statuses. It is a heart-wrenching series that depicts the deep love of the king for Seong Deok Im, which will make your heart flutter and cry simultaneously.

10. Death Song

Death Song is a 2018 series based on a real story. It is a series of Kim Woo Jin, a renowned, and virtuous playwright and Yoon Shim Deok, the first soprano of the Joseon dynasty. Kim Woo Jin is married, yet he falls in love with Shim Deok, which leads to a terrible and tragic love tale. The tale takes place when Korea was still under the control of Japan. The two fight against all the odds to be together, making it a harrowing story in.