Article: Top 10 Funny Scenes Of Thai Drama Full House

The Thai drama Full House, starring Sushar Manaying and Mike Angelo, is a comedy-drama series. It is a remake of the original version of Full House. It is a series of a total of 20 episodes. Aom is a writer who got tricked by her sister while on her trip to South Korea. She learned that her sister had sold her house to Mike. She gets into a contract marriage with him. Later, they started having feelings for each other. The drama is full of comedy and romance. Here are some funny scenes from the drama that can make your day.

1. The First Meeting

Aom wins a chance to go on a trip to South Korea. She meets Mike for the first time on the aircraft. The scene is hilarious and well-shot. She got drunk on the plane and did all the mischievous activities until she reached Korea. Mike helped her to calm down.


2. Dance In The Market

Aom visited a South Korean market where she enjoyed herself and then stopped at a street food stall. She had a lot of fun while having her meal. She danced like a crazy woman on the street. It was awkward but fun to watch.


3. The Second Meeting 

Aom had reserved the room for two nights, but her stay in South Korea was supposed to last five. She got confused. Suddenly she remembered Mike who was staying in the same hotel. She asked him for some money, but he refused to help her. So, she tried her best to pursue him. The scene gets funny. It will make you laugh out loud.


4. The Fake Story

Mom decides to try her best to get some money from Mike. She returned to his room and made up her own story of being cheated on by his friend. At first, Mike did not believe her but finally gave her some money so that she could go back.


5. The Chaotic Dinner 

Mike invites Aom to dinner in a restaurant. Aom was shocked to see Guy, whom she met in South Korea. Mike learned her truth, and they had a hilarious fight. They decided not to meet again, but their destiny wanted something else.


6. Meeting In The New House

Aom's sister sold her house to Mike. He shifted to his new house with no idea of the previous owner. Aom showed up at the place. An argument happens between them. The scene is fun to watch. Aom requests him to give her some time to adjust.


7. Being Tom And Jerry

Aom and Mike agreed to live together by making a contract. Both of them are not fond of each other, so they try hard to irritate each other by making fun of each other. The relationship between the two is the same as Tom and Jerry.


8. The Wish Fulfilling Lake

The scene was short but enough to make you laugh wholeheartedly. While on the fake honeymoon to South Korea, Mike fools Aom that the lake fulfills all their wishes if you throw a coin into it. The whole thing was a lie.


9. Fooling Aom Again

Mike fooled Aom again. He told her that she was stupid in the Korean language. She misunderstood the meaning and accidentally said it to a shopkeeper. After Mike found out, he could not control his laugh. The actors did a great job.


10. Fighting To Sleep

The honeymoon couple turned out to be naïve and childish when they started fighting over the bed to sleep. There was a long argument and fight. The scene was humorous. There is no doubt that you will rewatch the scene.