Article: 10 Pairs Of Actors Who Have The Same Names

Koreans have some popular surnames that many of them share. But it is very rare for actors to have identical names. Many use different names after entering the industry. Here are a few actors who have identical names.

1. Lee Jae Wook And Kim Jae Wook

The two handsome Jae Wooks of K-drama are also talented actors. While Kim Jae Wook has starred in many plays and dramas over the years, Lee Jae Wook is a rising star. You can watch Kim Jae Wook in ‘Her Private Life,’ ‘Voice,’ and ‘Crazy Love.’ Whereas Lee Jae Wook Has starred in ‘Extraordinary You,’ ‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol,’ and ‘Alchemy of Souls.’


2. Park Jin Young And Jung Jin Young

These two idols have started receiving a lot of attention as actors. Park Jin Young, a member of GOT7, has starred in dramas like ‘The Devil Judge,’ and ‘Yumi’s Cells.’ B1A4’s Jinyoung first played a significant role in ‘Love in the Moonlight’ and was recently seen in ‘Police University.’


3. Kang Ha Neul And Kim Ha Neul

It is rare to see an actor and actress share the same name. Kang Ha Neul is known for his roles in dramas like ‘Heirs,’ ‘Insider,’ and ‘When the Camellia Blooms.’ Actress Kim Ha Neul has starred in popular dramas, ‘On the way to the Airport,’ and ‘18 Again.’


4. Lee Min Ho And Choi Min Ho

Both Min Hos are popular in the Korean entertainment industry. Lee Min Ho rose to popularity with ‘Boys over Flowers,’ and has appeared in many dramas like ‘The Heirs,’ ‘Legend of the Blue Sea,’ and ‘Pachinko.’ Choi Min Ho who is a part of the famous boy band Shinee had special appearances in ‘Love-struck in the City,’ and ‘Yumi’s Cells,’ and will soon be seen on ‘The Fabulous.’


5. Park Bo Young And Lee Bo Young

Park Bo Young and Lee Bo Young are known for their powerful roles in dramas. Park Bo Young has starred in ‘Oh My Ghostess,’ ‘Doom at your Service,’ and the international-hit ‘Strong woman Do Bong Soon.’ Lee Bo Young is the lead in the dramas ‘Whisper,’ ‘Mother,’ and ‘Mine.’


6. Jang Na Ra And Kwon Na Ra

Jang Na Ra has been in the entertainment industry for almost two decades. She has starred in ‘Go Back Couple,’ ‘The Last Empress,’ and ‘VIP.’ Kwon Na Ra has acted in ‘Itaewon Class,’ ‘Secret Royal Inspector,’ and ‘Bulgasal.’ Incidentally, both of them started their career through music.


7. Oh Yoon Ah And Song Yoon Ah

These two popular actresses are mostly known for their supporting roles in K-dramas. Oh Yoon Ah has starred in ‘Undateables,’ ‘You are all Surrounded,’ and ‘Once Again.’ Song Yoon Ah can be seen in ‘Show Window,’ ‘Secret Mother,’ and ‘The K2.’


8. Jun Ji Hyun And Nam Ji Hyun

Jun Ji Hyun is one of the Hallyu stars, who has made a name for herself through popular dramas like ‘My Love from Another Star, ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea,’ and the most recent ‘Jirisan.’ Nam Ji Hyun entered the drama industry as a child and has played the lead in ‘Suspicious Partner,’ ‘100 Days My Prince,’ and ‘Little Women.’


9. Im Soo Jung And Krystal Jung

Many don’t know that idol actor Krystal’s Korean name is Soo Jung. She is a part of the girl group ‘f(x)’ and has starred in ‘The Heirs,’ ‘Search,’ and ‘Crazy Love.’ Im Soo Jung is a famous actress who has acted in ‘Search WWW,’ ‘Melancholia,’ and ‘Chicago Typewriter.’


10. Kang Ki Young And Jang Ki Young

Kang Ki Young is one of the most popular supporting actors. He has acted in ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim,’ ‘W,’ and ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo Young Woo.’ Jang Ki Young has starred is projects like, ‘Kill It,’ ‘Search WWW,’ and ‘Now We Are Breaking Up.’