Article: Best Second Lead Who Deserve Their Own Dramas

Korean dramas usually have many characters who play different characters and give their own essence to the drama. While the lead characters are the center of attraction, sometimes the second lead characters steal the show. “Second lead syndrome” is a common term among Korean drama addicts. It means, when you like the second lead more than the main lead and root for them. Every Korean drama fan has gone through this syndrome. From unrequited love to being a best buddy, these characters manage to steal our hearts. Sometimes they don’t get the ending that they deserve and the audience feel sad for the character. So, here is the compilation of second lead characters who deserve their own drama.

1. Ryu Jun Yeol As Kim Jung Hwan (Reply 1988)

Ryu Jun Yeol played the character of Kim Jun Hwan in the popular drama Reply 1988. The drama showed story of six individuals who have to deal with their problems in life. Th drama also showed the love triangle between Choi Tak, Sung Deok Sun, and Kim Jung Hwan, played by Park Bo Gum, Lee Hye Ri, and Ryu Jun Yeol respectively. Kim Jung Hwan kept a tough man image but was a softie inside. The scenes where he waited for Doek Sun, before going to school, and gifting her pink gloves, showed his admiration towards her. But at the end of the drama Choi Tak and Deok Sun Became couple, and audience felt bad for Jung Hwan.

2. Hwang In Youp As Han Seo Jun (True Beauty)

True Beauty was released in 2020 and was one of the best dramas released that year, and was loved by the audience. Apart from the lead characters, the second lead character, played by Hwang In Youp, gained the most attention. The drama showed the love triangle between, Han Seo Jun, Lee Su Ho, and Lim Joo Kyung, played by Hwand In Youp, Cha Eun Woo, and Moon Ga Young respectively. The admiration that Seo Jun had towards Joo Kyung, gave a warm feeling to the audience. The viewers were divided into team Seo Jun and Team Su Ho and justified who deserved Joo Kyung, was hilarious and entertaining. But one cannot deny that Hwang In Youp gave a significant second lead syndrome.

3. Choi Si Won As Kim Shin Hyuk (She Was Pretty)

She Was Pretty was released in 2015, and till today is one of the most loved dramas in the Korean drama-land. The drama tells the story of a girl, Kim Hye Jin, played by Hwang Jung Eum, who was once pretty, and a man name Ji Sung Joon, played by Park Seo Jun, who was once called a fatty but now he is handsome. But the character that stole the audience’s hearts was Kim Shin Hyuk, played by Choi Si Won. How he treated Hye Jin, sometimes by teasing by names like Jakson made the viewers smile. It was hard to witness how he silently watched Hye Jin and Sung Joon fall in love.

4. Bae In Hyuk As Gye Sun Woo (My Roommate Is A Gumiho)

My Roommate is a Gumiho is a 2021 fantasy romance Korean drama. The drama tells the story of a 999-year-old gumiho named Shin Woo Yeo, played by Jang Ki Yong. To fulfill of his desire to be a human, he needs the fox bead, which is accidently swallowed by a ordinary university student named Lee Dam, played by Lee Hye Ri. There is also a love triangle between Lee Dam and the university heartthrob named Gye Sun Woo, played by Bae In Hyuk. Lee Dam and Sun Woo’s funny interaction with each other entertains the audience. The scenes where he tries to impress Lee Dam and follows her everywhere, leaves the audience in awe.

5. Chae Jong Hyeop As Yang Do Hyeok (Nevertheless)

Nevertheless is a popular drama released in 2021. The story revolves around two university students named Yu Na Bi and Park Jae Eon, played by Han So Hee and Song Kang. The chemistry between the leads did not fail to entertain the viewers. But one thing is undeniable, Jae Eon is a giant walking red flag. When Yang Do Hyeok, played by Chae Jong Hyeop, entered the scene, he stole everyone’s heart, and the viewers began to root for him. The warmth that he had towards Na Bi was evident and it was heartbreaking to watch him getting heartbroken.

6. Kim Seon Ho As Han Ji Pyeong (Start-Up)

Start-Up was released in 2020. The drama tells the story of a group of youngsters struggling to establish a successful startup. The lead characters are Seo Dal Mi, a hardworking and ambitious young woman, played by Bae Suzy, and Nam Do San, a math genius and founder of Samsan Tech, played by Nam Joo Hyuk. The drama also has Kim Seon Ho as Han Ji Pyeong, the team leader at SH Venture Capital and an investment genius. The childhood connection of Dal Mi and Ji Pyeong made the viewers disheartened as he silently saw Dal Mi falling for Do San.

7. Ahn Bo Hyn As Nam Eun Gi (Her Private Life)

Her Private Life was released in 2019. The drama tells the story of Sung Deok Mi, a talented curator in a museum and a secret fangirl, played by Park Min Young and Ryan Gold, the new art director of the museum, who is very strict. The story mainly focuses on the love story of the two. But there is also a third character named Nam Eun Gi, Deok Mi’s friend who grew up with her. He has romantic feelings towards her but never confesses. He is always there by her side when she is in distress.

8. Wi Ha Joon As Ji Seo Joon (Romance Is A Bonus Book)

Romance Is a Bonus Book was released in 2019. The drama revolves around a single mother who is hardworking and determined to provide for her daughter, named Kang Dan I, played by Lee Na Young, and a young and handsome writer and the chief editor of a publishing company, named Cha Eun Ho, played by Lee Jong Suk. The third character in the drama is Ji Seo Joon, played by Wi Ha Joon, who likes Dan I. Viewers liked the on-screen chemistry of the mail leads but, they also felt the warmth of Ha Joon’s character.

9. Ha Jun As Kwon Jae Kyun (Destined With You)

Destined with You was released in 2023, is the most loved series by the k drama lovers. The drama tells the story of Lee Hong Jo, a hardworking 9th-level civil servant, played by Jo Bo Ah, and Jang Shin Yu, an ace and skilled lawyer. The drama shows the transition of love to hate of the two main leads with supernatural elements in the story. The drama also shows another character named Kwon Jae Kyung, played by Ha Jun. Jae Kyung was the crush of Hong Jo but as the story progressed, he also started to like her.

10. Ji Soo As In Gook Doo (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon)

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon was released in 2017, but it is still discussed among k drama lovers. The drama tells the story of Do Bong Soon, an ordinary-looking girl with immense power, played by Park Bo Young, and Ahn Min Hyuk, the CEO of a company who heirs Bong Soon as his bodyguard, played by Park Hyung Sik. The story also has In Gook Doo, a rookie detective who is passionate about justice, played by Ji Soo. The relationship between Bong Soo and Gook Doo clearly describes the sentence “right person at the wrong time.”