Article: Top 10 Movies And Korean Dramas Of IU

IU, aka Lee Ji-Eun, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, record producer, and brilliant actress. From getting rejected by eleven agencies to getting the tag of ‘all-kill,’ which means topping Korea’s most pertinent charts, IU continues to prove her popularity. The performance of IU as Lee Ji Ah in My Mister K-Drama compelled the director Koree-Daa of the 2022 K-Movie to cast in the movie. IU recently interviewed the BTS member J-hope on IU’s Palette, which was well appreciated and loved by the fans. She starred in many k-dramas, including My Mister, Hotel Del Luna, Producers, Moon Lovers, and many more. Here are the top 10 movies and k-dramas of IU.

1. Dream High

Lee Ji Eun played the character of Kim Pil Sook in the drama Dream High. It was the debut drama of IU. The drama explores the life of aspiring students who want to learn music. It tells the story of six students studying and learning music in the same school.

2. Bel Ami

Lee Ji Eun played the role of Kim Bo Tong in the drama. The drama revolves around the life of a greedy man who wants to earn a lot. He sets out on a mission to date ten of the most wealthy and successful women in South Korea. Kim Bo Tong has been in love with this man for over ten years.

3. Hotel Del Luna

Lee Ji Eun played the role of Jang Man Weol in the drama. The drama revolves around an unidentified and phenomenal Hotel, and IU acts as the CEO of the hotel. She hires Yeo Jin Goo as the manager of the hotel. He brags about being a Harvard Graduate. The drama slowly unravels why IU caters to the ghosts in the afterlife and was punished.

4. My Mister

Lee Ji Eun played the role of Lee Ji-Ah in the drama. My Mister depicts the beautiful relationship between 40-year-old Park Dong Hoon and 20-year-old Lee Ji-ah. Park Dong Haan going through the stress of everyday busy life, feels free whenever he talks with Lee Ji-Ah. Lee Ji-Ah, with traumatic experiences life ,has bestowed upon her, confides in Park Dong Hoon.

5. Moon Lovers

Lee Ji Eun played the role of Hae Soo in the drama. The drama is famous for its tragic ending, and fans are still asking for its renewal for season 2. Set in The Joseon era, the drama revolved around the life of Hae Soo. She traveled back to the Joseon era and meets seven princes who soon becomes her friend. The drama then depicts her love stories.

6. Broker

Lee Ji Eun played the role of Moon So Young in the film Broker. She played the role of a single mother who lefts her child at a site that takes in homeless kids. She lives with her baby at a place dedicated to baby boxes. The baby later gets discovered by Sang Hyun, who calls him a broker who changes the life of newborn kids.

7. Shades of the Heart

Lee Ji Eun played the role of Mi Young in the film. The movie deals with an aspiring writer Chang Seok. His failed marriage compelled him to return to South Korea. There he meets different types of people ad gets inspiration for his novel. He keeps changing his mind until he realizes what he wants to do and starts creating another story.

8. The Producers

Lee Ji Eun, aka IU, played the role of Cindy in the drama The Producers. The drama tells the tale of the people who work backstage- the life of people who do sheer hard work behind the screen. The entertainment world is known to ordinary people. The drama showcases the everyday stories of interesting and exciting stories.

9. Persona

Iu played three characters in this drama, namely IU, Eun, Han Na, and Ji Eun. The drama consists of four other episodes dedicated to four different stories. The stories are Love Set, Collector, Burn, and Walking at Night. Each part has its charm and the audience gets attracted to IU’s different acting levels.

10. You Are The Best

IU played the role of Lee Soon Shin in the drama. The drama consists of 50 episodes. The drama deals with the struggle and hardships that Lee Soon Shin faces. She becomes heartbroken when her father dies. Amidst all these, she continues making efforts in her relationship. She doesn’t want to lose the person she loves.