Article: Best Dramas And Movies Featuring Takeru Satoh

Takeru Satoh was born on 21st March 1989 in Iwatsuki-ku Saitama, is a famous Japanese actor. He has starred in many hit dramas and movies. He started as a child actor, appearing in commercials and magazines. He made his debut in 2006 and his first drama was Princess Princess D. Satoh became famous after starring in Kamen Rider Den-O, where he played the role of Ryotaro Nogami. After the success of Kamen Rider, he starred in the award-winning TBS drama Rookies as Yuya Okada. Due to his phenomenal acting, Satoh has bagged many awards, that including, the Japan Action Awards 2012 as the Best Action Actor in Rurouni Kenshin, the 85th Television Drama Academy Awards as the Best Actor in Emperor’s Cook, and many more. So here is a compilation of best movies and drama featuring Takeru Satoh.

1. Why Didn’t I Tell You A Million Times?

Why Didn’t I Tell You a Million Times was released in 2023. The drama tells the story of two childhood friends. Yui Soma and Naoki Torino were childhood friends, but lost contact as they grew up. As an adult, they met again and fell in love. Naoki Torino wanted to propose Yui Soma. But things changed when he suddenly died. Yui was unaware of the death and was in distress, thinking of his sudden disappearance. Naoki realized he was dead after he was unable to contact Yui. One day, detective Yuzuru Uozumi appeared before Naoki, and was the only one who knew about Naoki’s death. Naoki then wanted Yuzuru to convey a message to Yui. Inoue Mao, Satoh Tajeru, and Matsuyama Kenichi play the leading roles in the drama.

2. First Love

First Love is a romantic Japanese released in 2022. The drama tells the story of Yae and Harumichi. They first met in the 90s and fell in love. But as they grew up, Yae went to Tokyo for college and Harumicho joined self-defense forces as an aviation student, and soon lost contact after engaging in their busy lives. Years passed, ad now Yae is a taxi driver and Harumichi is an employee at a security company. They met again after 20 years. Mitsushima Hikari and Satoh Takeru play the leading roles in the drama.

3. An Incurable Case Of Love

An Incurable Case of Love was released in 2020. The drama revolves around Nanase Sakura and Kairi Tendo. Nanase is a 23-year-old nurse, and met Dr. Tendo when she was in high school and fell for him. That was when she decided to become a nurse and work in the same hospital as Tendo. When she finally meets Tendo, he seems completely different from what she had expected. The story progressed as, with the constant efforts of Sakura, Tendo also began to fall for her. Mone Kamishiraishi and Takeru Satoh play the leading roles.

4. The Emperor’s Cook

The Emperor’s Cook was released in 2015. The drama’s plot revolves around Tokuzo Akiyama. Tokuzo Akiyama is a young man, married with a kid, who lives in a rural area in Japan. One day, he tasted breaded cutlets and loved the food. That inspired him to learn about Western dishes. He then travelled to Tokyo and France to learn the culinary art. After facing discrimination and prejudice, he became a chef at the Hotel Ritz in Paris. Later, he also worked in the kitchen of Japan’s royal emperor. Satoh Takeru and Kuroki Haru played the leading roles in the drama.

5. Bitter Blood

Bitter Blood is an action mystery drama released isn 2014. The drama revolves around the relationship between a father and a son. Sahara Natsuki is a rookie who is assigned to the investigation department of the Ginza Police Station. There, he met his estranged father, Akimura Shimao, with whom he had not been in contact since his parents’ divorce. Akimura Shimao is a veteran detective in the same department. Unwillingly, they had to work with each other to solve various cases. As the story progresses, Sahara realizes that his father is an excellent detective. Satoh Takeru and Watabe Atsuro play the leading roles in the drama.

6. In The Wake

In The Wake is a mystery thriller movie released in 2021. Two murders take place in the Sendai Miyagi Prefecture. The victims were assumed to be murdered in by the same person as the method of the crime was similar, they were starved to death. Yasuhisa Tone was just released from the prison as he was charged for arson and injuring someone to protect his acquittance. He was suspected as the perpetuator of these cases too. Detective Seiichiro Tomashino began to chase Yasuhisa as the suspect in the case. Satoh Takeru and Abe Hiroshi play the leading roles in the film.

7. One Night

One Night is a Japanese movie released in 2019. The film tells the story of a scattered family. One night, an event took place that involving Koharu and her three children, Hiroki, Yuji, and Sonoko. The event shattered the family. After fifteen years, the family reunited. Yuji works as a freelancer writer, Hiroki has difficulty in communicating with others, and Sonoko aspired to become a hairdresser, but had to give up on her dreams after the tragedy and now works in a snack bar. Satoh Takeru, Matsuoka Mayu, Suzuki Ryohei, and Tanaka Yuuko play the leading roles in the film.

8. Samurai Marathon

Samurai Marathon is a historical Japanese movie released in 2019. The film is set in the Edo period. As the threat of the foreign invaders increases, the hanshu holds a marathon to train the samurais, along the path of the mountains, the marathon was a total of 58 kilometers. A prize was offered so many samurais participate in the marathon. On the other hand, the marathon was mistaken as an act of treason by the Edo government, and an assassin was sent to Hanshi castle. So, Jinnai Karasawa, a samurai and a spy of the central government tries to stop the assassination and clear the misunderstanding. Takeru Satoh plays the leading role in the film.

9. Hard Core

Hard Core is a sci-fi Japanese movie released in 2018. The film tells the story of three individuals. Gondo Ukon doesn’t get along with people and he digs in search of gold in the mountains in Gunma prefecture. He is helped by Ushiyama, his friend and the only person he is friendly with. Sakon is Ukon’s younger brother who works in a trading company. He is worried for his elder brother but also envies his carefree nature. One day, the two friends found an old robot thrown by a factory. Sakon discovered that the robot can perform tasks remarkably well. Takeru Satoh, Yamada Takayuki, and Arakawa Yoshiyoshi play the leading roles in the film.

10. Million Dollar Man

Million Dollar Man is a mystery Japanese movie released in 2018. The film tells the story of a man and his misery. Kazuo’s younger brother suddenly disappeared and left behind debt for him to pay off. So, he worked in a library in the morning and at a bread factory at night. His wife and daughter also left him. One day, he won 300 million yen in a lottery. So, he went to his wealthy friend for some advice only to find out that, the next day his money and his friend are missing. Then he began the journey to find his friend and contacted the people he worked with. Satoh Takeru and Takahashi Issei play the leading roles in the film.