Article: 10 K-Dramas For Study Motivation

Yet again the most inspiring shows are from korea. They make sure to make youth go gala with their music but also maintains the balance by giving study motivating kdramas.

1. Law School

With its outstanding cast and fantastic plot, Law School's study motivation is inspiring. How they have portrayed how students study and work hard for their dreams in this competitive world is commendable.

2. Start-Up

This show inspires those in the technology field studying hard to make a start-up business. This kdrama portrays the real-life struggles faced by the youth in the tech industry and how to stay focused and motivated at all times.

3. Misaeng

This drama shows the importance of education and how it affects and transforms a person's character and personality. Not having many qualifications, the guy initially faced much discrimination at his workplace as people couldn't digest that they had worked so hard to get this job, and he, with little education, was working parallel with them. This did affect him, but later he proved them wrong with his skills.

4. While You Were Sleeping

Though this is a fantasy-based kdrama, the reality of staying motivated and studying for your dream is so true. This show also portrays how we can win the world by working hard and feeling motivated, even though it's a fantasy or fiction.

5. Doctor Crush

This show is the ultimate motivation for future doctors. In this show, the protagonist's grandmother died during the surgery as the doctor could not diagnose. So he decided to become a doctor and work for people. They also depict the doctors' struggles and how they make their dream their reality.

6. School 2013

This school is notorious and filled with bullies and nasty things. This school's best thing is the teachers as they try their best to make them study and bring out the best in their students, in which they succeed.

7. Navillera

This work of art has broken barriers that age has put. In this drama, an older man wishes to fulfill his dream to become a ballet dancer, and with the help of his young trainer, who himself is a student, he becomes a dancer. This depicts that hard work and motivation are not limited to age but challenge a person's will to fulfill that dream.

8. Doctors

This medical-oriented show is an excellent motivation for studying medical students. The show is linked to how a teacher can change one's life and will always support you. After a rough childhood, she finally gets into medical school and becomes a neurosurgeon.

9. Record Of Youth

This show shows how different the world is and how one can quickly become jealous of their best friend. But chasing your dream and working hard is unseen but can make you visible under the spotlight.

10. Racket Boys

Though it's a sports-oriented kdrama, hard work and motivation are something we need in every walk of life. These boys show how academics and sports can put study motivation in a person and will make bonds even stronger as success sometimes comes with a buddy indeed.