Article: Top 10 Korean Big Celebrities Appearances On Small Screen

Recently, the small screen has lightened up by the remarkable performances of prominent actors who have returned to the drama arena after a lengthy absence. Here are ten Korean celebrities who are about to return to the small screen.

1. Ryu Jun-Yeol 

In "Lost," actor Ryu Jun-Yeol makes his first appearance on television in five years. MBC's "Lucky Romance" was his most recent TV drama (2016). He is a South Korean actor who has appeared several films. His amazing performance in the television series Reply (1988) catapulted him to fame.


2. Choi Min-Sik 

Choi Min-Sik, who rose to worldwide prominence for his performance in the Cannes-winning thriller "Oldboy" (2003), will feature in Kang Yoon-TV sung's series "Casino." Choi's new drama is scheduled to premiere before the end of the year.


3. Moon So Ri

Moon So Ri has announced her return to the small screen as the female lead after a hectic year of commercial and indie films, as well as Netflix and Wavve original series. This is her comeback after 12 years since 2009. Moon So Ri portrays a harried office worker who aspires to be the company's first female executive.


4. Lee Je Hoon

Lee Je Hoon will return to the small screen three years after the 2008 drama Where Stars Land with two projects of completely unique and distinct hues. Taxi Driver is a film about a mystery taxi service and its driver who seek vengeance on behalf of victims who are unable to obtain justice through the legal system. Lee Je Hoon also has a role in Move to Heaven, a new Netflix original series. With a peaceful narrative about a young guy with Asperger's syndrome and his guardian unravelling the stories left by the dead while doing a job arranging objects left by departed individuals, it will provide pleasant comfort.


5. Hur Jin-Ho

Hur Jin-ho is a screenwriter and director from South Korea. Hur Jin-ho rose to prominence as a cinema critic in 1987. He experimented in filmmaking between 1992 and 1993, appearing in several short films in various roles. Hur Jin-ho will make his small-screen debut with "Disqualified as a Human”. Hur is most known for directing films like "Christmas in August" and "The Last Princess”.


6. Jeon Do-Yeon 

Jeon Do-Yeon, the best actress winner at the Cannes Film Festival, will also appear in the upcoming JTBC drama series "Disqualified as a Human”. Jeon last featured on the small screen in 2016 as the primary heroine of tvN's "The Good Wife”. The plot of "Disqualified as a Human" centres around their encounters on the verge of death.


7. Kim Myung Min

After Miracle That We Met (2018), veteran actor Kim Myung Min will return to the small screen. Law School is his comeback endeavour. It's a campus mystery thriller that follows famous law school instructors and students as they become embroiled in shocking situations. It depicts the process of aspiring lawyers discovering and embodying the truth, law, and justice via intense rivalry and conflict. Yang Jong Hoon, played by Kim Myung Min, is a former prosecutor turned criminal law professor. The actor is able to make a victorious return with Law School.


8. Song Hye Kyo

For her comeback, Song Hye Kyo has teamed up with Kim Eun Sook. Song Hye Kyo's comeback project, The Glory (literal title), made news since Kim Eun Sook's first-ever revenge genre film. It's a tragic revenge story about a lady who dropped out of school due to bullying and spectators and then took her vengeance on the bullies and bystanders while waiting for the perpetrator's child to arrive at the elementary school where she works.


9. Hwang Jung-Min

Hwang Jung-min, star of numerous megahit films such as "Ode to My Father" and "Veteran”, which each drew more than 10 million viewers in Korea, shocked fans by agreeing to participate in JTBC drama "Hush" in December last year. Hwang's most recent television performance was in the cable drama series "Korean Peninsula”.


10. Jun Ji Hyun

Jun Ji Hyun made an unexpected appearance in Kingdom 2 (2020) after Legend of the Blue Sea (2016-2017). This year, she returned with two projects: Kingdom: Ashin of the North and Cliffhanger. Cliffhanger is a mystery thriller about a group of climbers who attempt to summit Mount Jiri. The story of Kingdom: Ashin of the North focuses on the enigmatic Ashin and the mysteries surrounding the undead plant.